I Was Played

and I'm not going to take it lying down! 41 People

    i thought this guy was extremely attractive

    like extremely. it was Halloween of 2013 and I had to take my younger sibling out trick or treating and I didn't want to go and I didn't trick or treat. so I had took them and to my surprise a couple of my friend were going too. but there was like 3 other guys with them. after...
    AkuYamine AkuYamine
    13-15, F
    Aug 22, 2014

    In the beginning of the year,

    a senior in my school and I met in the office. We had a small chat. Then after that every time we've been seeing each other in the hallways lately, he would wink at me, or say hi. I was still skeptical but I was still fooled a little bit. Then one day we finally got to talk...
    azngirl123 azngirl123
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Mar 20, 2014

    I Was Played By A Guy Who Stole My Heart.

    I lived in a small town my whole life. Never believed in love. I met this kid online, after I moved from my small town... I came back because of my job and We finally met.. From the first time we talked online I knew he was the one, we spoke on the phone everyday & he would tell...
    bsc8606 bsc8606
    Aug 9, 2011

    I just couldn't believe it till i saw it with

    my own eyes. And i kinda distrust my eyes now. I don't know why people are so ****** up. I gave you 100% out of me, just to get your left over affection? Just to get those bitter leftover pieces? You'd want to marry her for some reason. I don't know what. To have her with you...
    Xyanii Xyanii
    26-30, F
    Aug 5, 2014

    I Never Talked About This Until Now

    When I first fell in love, or what I thought was love, I was 16 and on top of the world. He was handsome and sweet, and always made time for me. I remember our first real date; not just the usual hanging out at his house or at friends houses. We were at a football game for my...
    Justshush Justshush
    22-25, F
    Oct 24, 2013

    “‎The biggest coward is a man

    who awakens a woman’s love with no intention of loving her.”
    gia92 gia92
    Jan 6, 2014

    When I just started the long journey

    that is high school, I met a friendly boy. He was nice to me. He was friendly, cute, and always flirted with me. He made me think that we could actually turn out to be something. Lies. I started seeing him with other girls, treating them the way he treated me. I'm so done with...
    PanicAtTheDiscount PanicAtTheDiscount
    18-21, F
    1 Response Apr 11, 2014

    Jon Played Me

    okay ugh where to start its such a long story. OK so we started hanging out by him coming over late and watching movies we were talking A LOT then that one nite he kissed me and things just went from there now b4 i had broken up with jr jon had been talking to me bout this chick...
    Julanne123 Julanne123
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 12, 2009
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