I Was Spanked As A Child

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    My dad would administer most spankings.

    when I was younger they used a hand on the exposed bottom and as I got older it was the belt while I was bent over the bed. I got spanked fairly frequently because I had poor impulse control. I started to self explore at an early age and after a sound spanking I would be sent...
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    This happened when my little sister aged 7

    and I, 9-y-o shared our room. While she liked videos games, pillows, the colour blue, fluffy toys and sleeping early, I was the complete opposite. I liked dolls, pink was and still is my favourite colour, I liked going to bed late so you see, we were quite the opposite poles...
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    Bare Bottoms Spankings

    There has been a few complaints about the subject captioned. It seems some people who like EP and these related sites think there are too many bare-bottom-pants-pulled-down-little-girl postings. You don't HAVE to read these stories. If you don't like these details - you should...
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    I was eight years old,

    I had just come home from school. My mom and her boyfriend were in the living room, my mom was so happy. When I entered the living room she jumped up and told me that she had just married John and that we would be moving into his house. For whatever reason, John and I just...
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    Spankings hurt and I hated getting them

    but I can't deny that they were effective. My parents weren't obsessively strict; they gave me and my siblings a lot of freedom and we knew that if we broke rules we'd get spanked. It worked for us, I think, and I credit my parents for not spanking us in anger and for trying...
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    As a child I was spanked by my father regularly,

    often for no apparent reason or for the smallest mistakes. He would beat me quite hard. The worst thing was that he tried to make my mother beat be, and threatened to hit my mother if she didn't spank me. And my mother chose to beat me instead of being hit herself. I have never...
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    Be Careful!

    I notice that there are a lot of kids posting on this and similar groups who are 17 and under. I wanted to send out a message where hopefully many of them will see it. Now, I don't want you to think of me as a boring, lecturing grown-up even though that's basically what I am...
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    My parents rarely went out together at night.

    When they did, most times my dad's sister, Aunt Margret, would come to babysit us children. Aunt Margret was unmarried and worked as a secretary, so she enjoyed the distraction of babysitting. Most times, we had a nice time together even though she was not too much into fun and...
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    A Little About Myself

    Since this is my first story, I thought I would tell a little about myself on how I was raised and how I have raised my own children. I am the oldest of three daughters who were raised by a single mother. We were far from poor, but we also never had the latest and greatest...
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    I could always tell or at least estimate pretty

    close to how much trouble I was in by the tone and how loud my father would yell out "Amanda Sue get in here."
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    Behave in school! (True story) When I was 5

    years old, I went to kindergarten. I enjoyed it for the first 4 months but then I hated it. Well one day I was in a really bad mood and I didn't feel like participating in music class, art class, during math and during reading time. My teacher told me that I had to participate...
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    So I was about 11 or 12 not sure.

    But I remember I went to Oklahoma ALONE one summer to visit my aunts and cousins and crap. Well, I remember my cousin talking about going to this bar that is really easy to break into. (Easy shots) so I had overheard him on the phone and he told me not to tattle or he would get...
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    When I was 11 and my sister was 12 we

    both got braces. I guess some kids think they're cool, but we most certainly did not. Besides being metal mouths we both got something called a "combi-pull" headgear that we had to wear 12 hours a day, which was basically surrounded our heads with various wires and straps. We...
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    The Sunday School teacher was always a woman

    and Mrs. Ganbard usually taught. Also every girl wore dresses or skirts to church. When a kid earned a spanking in sunday school Mrs. Ganbard would take the kid over her lap in front of the class for a spanking. Sometimes she spanked with her hand, but often she used a ruler...
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    EP doesn't seem to want to accept the most

    innocent of stories. Sadly, I think I may have to leave
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    "Serial Spanking", where two

    or even three of us would all get a a spanking, where not uncommon. It always went from youngest to oldest. My older sister always pleaded to go first to get it over with, and was usually already crying by the time it was her turn, and my younger sister pleaded to be last...
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    I was spanked by my parents

    as a kid. My dad's favorite was his belt and mom's was a paddle. Personally I preferred mom and the paddle over dad. Who did you prefer to spank you as a kid and what were you spanked with?
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    They day we turned 13,

    spankings were replaced with groundings, and the paint stirring stick that was painted bright colors with our name on it was "retired". (Only twice were me or any of my siblings spanked after the age of 12). One summer when I when I was 13 and my sister was 12, we decided to...
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    Study Hall Spanking

    I was in the 7th grade. In my town 7th, 8th, and 9th grade was middle school. Grade school was kindergarten to 6th grade. But we called middle school Junior High School in Bloomington, IL. So that is the start. It all was scarry at first. All I really wanted to do is be...
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    while I cant say that I am

    100 while I cant say I 10...
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    Howdy y'all! I am Hailey (14),

    and I am from the deep south Texas!I am in the 7th grade middle school and I think I am a good student!My parents are very strict with me, my brother Ben (11) and Tom (17). Ben and I still get it regularly over the knees when we misbehave. Tom does not get it anymore. My parents...
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    I will receive my last spanking

    for a while tonight since I will be leaving for college tomorrow! I hope it's my last spanking forever
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    I remember at my tent birthday not getting a

    present I wanted so a few weeks later my solution of stealing one it was a soccer ball from another team was exposed and one motor for her brush to impress on me that stealing is not a good idea
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    Although our spankings were always significant

    (as my mom would say "It has to hurt or it wouldn't be a spanking"), they were almost always done over clothing. If we were wearing thick jeans or something we'd have to pull them down so the spanking would hurt enough, but we never had to remove swimming suits, sundresses, or...
    tcassell96 tcassell96
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    Hiding away in the laundry closet.

    One day, I had a bad row with my older sister Brigitte at lunch time. As happened most of the time, Brigitte made it appear that I was the culprit, and mom "promised" me a spanking when she was done with dishes and stuff. Right after lunch, my friend Gaby came over to visit. I...
    Germanmom Germanmom
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    Ever since I can remember I don't know

    which one I dreaded more. Mom and her old heavy hair brush or dad's thick belt. With mom she paddles nonstop till I've had enough or Dad towering over me snapping the belt across my backside.
    Sarah1197 Sarah1197
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    I was spanked as a kid.

    It was always Mom and she used her hand. I did cry, but I think it was more out of anger / frustration / humiliation than actual pain. I always deserved it though. Mom was very clear on the rules and I knew that if you do something you aren't supposed to that you'd get spanked.
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    My parents grew up in a very strict religious

    home. They only knew one way to raise me. I have been spanked for as long as I can remember mostly or almost always from my dad as I can remember on many occasions seeing or hearing my dad spanking my mom. When it came time to go to school my dad put me in the church's private...
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    I have so many memories of being spanked

    as a child, most of them are very vivid. I know my father loved me but he had such a horrible temper. Especially when he drank. I knew when I crossed the line by the look on his face and his big hands unbuckling his belt.
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    In my youth ( the late 1950s

    and early 1960s ), corporal punishment was an integral part of growing up. Leaving children unpunished when punishment was needed, was considered irresponsible and negligent parenting. Children had to learn to obey. "Who will not hear, must feel ". My parents, as many others...
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    To think this "Why did you all hate me

    so much? Am I not yours?" as "If not,I won't be here" took more than 20 years. I wish no one went through all these years just to understand that bc it felt like my whole world was ruined in front of my eyes at that moment. Mum and dad,Love you all! Ps. I'm very sorry if you...
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    I am a single mom in the uk

    and found this site when searching for web sites to share what has dominated most of my life. Simply put I am a single child and was spanked by my mom and dad from as young as I can remember until I moved out from home at 22. I have tried to talk about my experiences with...
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    My First Story

    I don't know how to writte one...so I'm just gonna try it...my last spanking was arround 10 days ago, for not doing my homework,and got a bad grade for it, so when I got home, I knew what was comming...cause my math teacher is a close friend of my dad,so I knew he will tell him...
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    At a young age, we had to help in the household.

    That was not a lot, but as children we had other points on our program than, for example, doing the dishes. It was a sunny Sunday morning in May after mass. We had had breakfast after mass. I still remember us in our beautiful white Sunday skirt. My sis and I were 10 and 8, and...
    Lucia9 Lucia9
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    9 Responses Jun 11, 2014

    Just like no kid wants a spanking,

    no kid wants to go to the doctors office. There were no treats or bribes for us if we behaved, just the promise of a good hard spanking if we didn't, as being good was something that should be expected, not bribed. It didn't happen on the spot because there was no suitable place...
    tcassell96 tcassell96
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    1 Response Mar 27, 2016

    Honestly not very often.

    I have many vage memories of other times. And then there are some times that I assume I was spanked, but I honeslt don't know. There are a couple handfuls of clear memories. I am going to start with my clearest vauge memory though.So, I am not sure hiow old I was but I think I...
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    Alot of people have been asking me,

    if I ever have seen one of my siblings get a spanking - Since back in the days in my childhood home, all the children were punished with spankings. But every spanking was done in a woodshed next our house to spare the punished child from embarrasment. And the only way to...
    MaryKoviski MaryKoviski
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    It's wrong to be pro- spanking.

    Spanking doesn't always work. So to say it flat out without qualifiers is wrong. I've seen some bad outcomes. Maybe it works for some if it's done carefully smartly. Many people are too ignorant of child development or lack the self disapline or love to do it well.
    Aagatha Aagatha
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    2 Responses Mar 29, 2016

    Although each and every time we were spanked

    hard and long enough that we wound up crying uncontrollably, there were different levels of spankings. A "Routine Spanking" or just a "Spanking" was given for such things as lying, talking back, breaking a rule, or having a conduct report or detention at school, and we were...
    tcassell96 tcassell96
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    2 Responses Mar 16, 2016

    The old cliche about "kids break a window

    and get a spanking" actually happened to us. We had been warned about playing ball too close to the house, but would do it anyway when our parents weren't around. The summer we were 8,9, and 10 our parents paid the neighbor teen Nicole to babysit us (that stretching the...
    tcassell96 tcassell96
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    1 Response Apr 9, 2016

    I can remember being spanked numerous times

    as a child. Today, while in Walmart, I over heard a mother threatening to spank her young daughter, if she didn't stop her behavior. It was painfully obvious that the mother wasn't going to follow through with it, and it was just as obvious to the daughter as it was to me. I...
    ryleebeth ryleebeth
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    My parents are very strict always have been

    and they always will be. Once when I was 14 I was a hour late now. My mom was out of town which wansnt good because I knew I was going to get my butt tore up and all my siblings and I much rather my mom spank us than my dad. When I got home my dad had his belt in his hand ready...
    housewife4 housewife4
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    Was Spanked By My Adoptive Father

    I had lived with my adoptive father Eric since I was about 6 years. he was once my mothers teacher and then later a lover then even later ex love when she was young and they were very close, there was even a slight chance of him being my biological father but i never really knew...
    deleted deleted
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    I was spanked by both my parents growing up

    into my 20's and after i left home. I have always kept it to myself as no one has ever understood what happened to me and how i feel now.
    wrighty1710 wrighty1710
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    I am from a family of one sister

    and two brothers. Mom and dad were good parents but had very short fuses and did not tolerate any bad behavior. Our parents believed that spanking was the primary method to keep us in line and did not hesitate to tan our bottoms. Dad however never spanked my sister or me...
    CarlaW75 CarlaW75
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    7 Responses Sep 3, 2014

    Two Weeks With Aunt Annie

    My parents were in Chicago for two weeks on a vacation and I was sent to live with my aunt for those two weeks. My brother was sent to live with our grandparents. My younger sister went with my parents. I was eleven at the time.   This would be my Aunt Annie on my mother’s...
    MaryJoAZ MaryJoAZ
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    16 Responses Nov 25, 2013

    I still get it and think I'm too old

    for it. What age do you think is too old for spanking as a punishment?
    LillyPie3 LillyPie3
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    11 Responses Feb 15, 2016
    Heffie0504 Heffie0504
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    Mar 24, 2016

    There is nothing more terrifying

    than standing waist high staring at your fathers belt hearing the tone of his voice as he lectures you. Then even more fear as you hear the sound of it in buckling and watching him pull it from its loops. All I would be thinking was why I disappointed him, why I made him so mad...
    sarah95w sarah95w
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    18 Responses Jun 27, 2014

    "No Biting!!" Let me start out by saying I was

    spanked A LOT as a kid. I was raised in a very strict household. I didn’t get away with anything as a child. This will be my 1st of many spanking stories I post on here. This is one of the earliest spanking memories I have. I was 4. I was playing in the church nursery when...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 14, 2016

    I got spanked yesterday

    for make-up.. I was allowed to go to a party on Friday night, with a curfew at 9 PM. So I was preparing myself for the party, doing my make-up. My parents do not allow too much make up as I am only 14. So when I came into the living room my parents said it was too much make-up...
    HaileyTexas14 HaileyTexas14
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    3 Responses Apr 2, 2016

    I was spanked maybe twice

    as a child and it was over pants each time with hand. as hard as it is for me to admit about a year ago i realized reading stories about spankings excites me. I sometimes fantasize about getting a playful or stress releving spanking. I do get stressed/anxiety often and figured...
    hazlbeth90 hazlbeth90
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    4 Responses Feb 7, 2016

    This spanking took place

    when I was 7 years old. I remember it vividly. My mom was trying wake me up and get me ready because we had to go to an all day Christmas Eve party. "Kalani if you don't get up in three seconds I will spank you." My mom said in a stern voice. I just remember being really tired...
    kalanijens kalanijens
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    2 Responses Apr 9, 2016

    If you want to keep intouch with me about my

    corporal punishment I still get then pm me as I will give you my email and we can talk through that as ep is closing down
    Pedro1202 Pedro1202
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    Mar 23, 2016

    I don't understand the national uproar over

    what Adrian Peterson did. Down here that is just normal part of growing up.
    IgobyMandy IgobyMandy
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    16 Responses Sep 19, 2014

    All my spankings were given by my mother.

    I had to pull down shorts and pants, then was bent over the side of my bed for a thoroughly smacked bottom. I would cry and wriggle but she carried on until I was very sore and well punished. I know I deserved it and probably didn't get enough of them!
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses Feb 16, 2016
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