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I Was Spanked Bare Bottom With A Belt

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    Nude Whipping And Make-out By Best Girlfriend

    Toward the end of my Freshman year of high school, I went to school feeling guilty. I had a lump in my throat because I had hurt my best friend, Lacy. It as May. I was 15; she was 16. I was in classes for gifted students. Lacy was the rebellious C and D student who people...
    MelodyLoves MelodyLoves
    61-65, F
    4 Responses Jun 3, 2013

    Daddy Discipline Me Becoase I Fingered Myself

    I was 14 and i will never forget this. My daddy use to spank my buttom every day just to keep me straight but i came to age when girls start to explore body. One night i feel so horny and i take off my closes and start to play on my pus...i was deep in my game when my daddy came...
    Nora22 Nora22
    31-35, F
    9 Responses Jun 11, 2013

    so I am laying on my stomach right now

    as we speak while I'm typing this out. here's what happened. so my friends invited me to a party tonight and I asked my parents around 4:00 if I could go. they asked more about the party such as who would be going, who's house it would be at and I told them it would be me and...
    tiredgirl6 tiredgirl6
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Apr 10, 2016

    well, I got spanked tonight

    because I mouthed off and swore at my mom after school because I've been moody lately so she spanked me with the wooden spoon on the spot in the kitchen plus I got my mouth washed out with soap and then I had to wait in my room until 8:40 when my dad got home and I was in the...
    tiredgirl6 tiredgirl6
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Apr 12, 2016

    The Belt On The Wall

    There it was, the belt with no buckle, hanging on a hook in the kitchen. It was hanging there with the paddle for everyone who cared to look to see. I could claim the paddle was some sort of cooking thing but that brown leather belt could only be used for one thing. I saw it...
    kelzdrummer kelzdrummer
    22-25, F
    12 Responses Jul 31, 2012

    Daddy's Little Helper

    Most of my spankings were from my Mom but Dad also was quick to discipline me and my two sisters. He'd generally march us upstairs and whip our butts with a razor strap and that was something I absolutely dreaded. Several times however he'd spank us downstairs and on those...
    spankedjenny spankedjenny
    51-55, F
    15 Responses Jun 2, 2011

    Pulled Over Off The Road And Was Spanked Thouroughly While Cars Passed By

    My partner and I had been driving for quite sometime and I was getting quite irritable. I kept being sarcastic and whiney for over 200 miles and evening was approaching and we still hadn't arrived yet. I think his patience had worn very thin because the next thing he did was pull...
    cnbad cnbad
    51-55, F
    15 Responses Aug 2, 2012

    A Couple Years Ago...

    When I was younger about 12 me and my sister got in a huge fight yelling and hitting each other. My mom told us to stop a lot but we wouldn't so finally she told us stay right there an we both got quiet . She came back with the belt... Mann were we terrified. She told us both to...
    Lex222 Lex222
    18-21, F
    10 Responses Sep 11, 2012

    We Came Home 2 Hours Late

                I was 15 at the time and my sister was 17. One Saturday evening, we went out with some friends. Long story short, we lost track of time and we came home around midnight, 2 hours late. Parents were still up, and after a lecture I haven’t payed much attention...
    Spankedgirl75 Spankedgirl75
    36-40, F
    29 Responses Feb 4, 2012

    many times as a kid and also by my mom in the

    laundry room at age 14 I was naked from the waist down
    Snowbird22 Snowbird22
    46-50, M
    1 Response May 27, 2015

    Knee Chest Position

    I was always spanked although it was mostly more of a whipping. A belt yes, sometimes a leather strap about two and a half inches wide. I was ordered to take off my skirt or pull down my slacks then assume the knee chest position and a second after either my mother or father...
    deleted deleted
    10 Responses Nov 7, 2012

    Danny and I had many things in common with one

    another. One of these was that we were 15 years old and we still got lickings at home. But we would not for the world have recognized it. Each of us tried to keep it in secret.This happened until one fine day when, after school, I paid a visit to him. Danny was alone at home. He...
    Codrin Codrin
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Feb 1, 2015

    I Spanked A Girl For Stealing

    When I was 20 I was dating a girl that was 19 and she had a sister that was 18. One day during the summer I was waiting at their house for my gf to come home from work. I always left my keys and wallet with my hat on the kitchen counter. I was downstairs in the basement...
    aanthonyjo aanthonyjo
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Aug 2, 2013

    My brother and I are still spanked by our step

    mother and we are in our twenties. we are told ahead of time that we will be punished and that at such and such a time we are to present ourself in the den with whatever instrument she chooses. She uses a strap, a leather belt and a switch. All are very effective. She takes...
    megane83 megane83
    31-35, F
    1 Response Apr 21, 2015

    It Hurt

    My parents were very strict,if we did something wrong no matter what we got spanked.I remember watching my brother get a bare bottom over the knee spanking from my Dad when i was 4,i thought 'Daddy won't do that to me'. How wrong i was almost weekly i went over my dads knee & had...
    susseditout susseditout
    41-45, F
    34 Responses Jun 29, 2011

    On our wedding night my husband took me to the

    motel at which we had been meeting while having an affair two years before. He removed the belt from his suit and gave it to my bottom. I was definitely HIS spanked wife that night which I guess was the point. I cried and he said I was his now and then made the sweetest...
    Noraathompson Noraathompson
    46-50, F
    5 Responses Sep 3, 2015

    well, the story of why is

    before this post, but my dad just got home and I am waiting for him in my room, nose in corner hands on head. he is about to come up and belt my butt good. wish me luck. in for one good belting tonight for swearing at my mom.
    tiredgirl6 tiredgirl6
    22-25, F
    5 Responses Apr 11, 2016

    Im sleeping on my stomach tonight.

    ..I got my *** busted today. I came home from school and was supposed to start doing my homework and chores because I had softball practice at I came home and was dilly dallying and just avoiding doing my chores and homework. My friend called and we talked on the phone...
    deleted deleted
    10 Responses Oct 14, 2015

    it happened again, yesterday i finally get

    summer term results for 2 exams i failed last year and i passed which is the important part i guess but my dad was so angry for me just passing, he said he expects best results not just pass but i just failed math and natural science 3 months ago so pass for me was amazing but...
    mariere16 mariere16
    18-21, F
    12 Responses Sep 21, 2015

    it didnt happen often.

    cause most of the time a slight reminder what would happen was enough to get me on my best behaviour. but when i got it i started crying and begging as soon as dad told me to bring him the belt. there was no more mercy to be expected at this point. when i got it i got it very...
    moneygirl86 moneygirl86
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Nov 12, 2014

    "Your trousers did nothing wrong

    for being spanked." So my mother said to me wanting me bare-b_ottomed to be whipped with the belt.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 7, 2015

    hi everyone, i just think maybe i can share

    something happen to me some weeks ago, my sister is 16 and she break my phone when she was playing with it, i know this because my phone was charging on the table in our room and when i went to take it i see it broken. i told her why she break it but she said she just hit the...
    mariere16 mariere16
    18-21, F
    3 Responses May 24, 2015

    so my bottom was already sore from last night's

    spanking and I got another one this afternoon. here is what happened: my mom woke up my sister and I for church and we got ready and in church my younger sister was being a brat but of course my parents never see that. all they notice is how much of an angel she is. she kept...
    tiredgirl6 tiredgirl6
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 10, 2016

    My mom, who was both very loving

    and very strict, was a firm believer that a boy needed to get strapped with his father's belt for any serious misbehavior. Well into my teens, she would use her paddle to address minor infractions as follows. First she would pull my pants and underpants down around my ankles...
    whitebirch999 whitebirch999
    70+, M
    1 Response Nov 1, 2015

    Bare Bottom With Belt For Shoplifting

    Hello my name is Jessica Combs, I live in South Carolina and was raised in a strict country style family with strict moral values. I have read some of your stories but wish to share mine. My mother was big on spanking the old fashioned way, which was on the bare bottom from the...
    JessicaC3 JessicaC3
    22-25, F
    7 Responses May 7, 2013

    So a couple of days ago I got in big time

    trouble again. After schooldays I am supposed to be home around 3 pm. Usually our house caretaker picks me up, or my dad. But Tuesday morning I told my dad a friend of mine would drive me home. So after school my friend proposed to get a pizza first before going to my home. I...
    JacyTexasGirl JacyTexasGirl
    18-21, F
    17 Responses Sep 4, 2015

    I"m not sure how old I was

    when this happened. It was my first time with the belt, but far from the last. Until recently, my mom had been carrying around a hairbrush to apply to my backside when she felt it was justified. Now, instead of the brush the implement of choice was a paddle. It was bigger than...
    mmorgan0678 mmorgan0678
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Sep 2, 2015

    Strapped For Texting And Driving

    I happened to be driving through the city. By the way, I am in my 40's and this is a true story. I was stopped at a light and sending a text when the woman driving the car next to me said "Texting and driving. So dangerous. You should know better." and I laughed and said...
    javlin4 javlin4
    51-55, M
    9 Responses Jun 3, 2013

    I have created a safe

    and private domestic discipline community on facebook, no aliases or fake profile pics allowed.
    girvingtree girvingtree
    22-25, F
    Mar 20, 2015

    The lecture   I remember

    even now how much I hated those long moments. I hated them even more than the corporal punishment that I was to get. But before I had to overcome another obstacle: the lecture about my fault. Long minutes of rebuke: What did you do wrong? Why? Do you know you are guilty? Do you...
    Codrin Codrin
    46-50, M
    Feb 13, 2015

    My mom was the one who gave corporal punishment

    using a thick doubled over leather belt on my bare ***. As I got older I got used to the pain and even enjoyed it. I still like that pain. I even crave it.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 28, 2016

    The Second Half (A Memory)

     “Don’t think you got off so easily. Just wait a bit that it will be the second half.” These were my mother’s words when she saw me yelling crazily and begging her to stop my whacking: “that’s enough,” “I can’t take...
    Codrin Codrin
    46-50, M
    Jan 14, 2015

    I had backed talked my mom

    and had a really bad attitude and had been rude. Dad came thru the door and heard most of it so he told me to go to my room and assume the position that he was going to blister my butt with the belt for talking like that to my mom. I went in the bedroom laid across my bed on...
    beavers6 beavers6
    36-40, F
    7 Responses Jan 17, 2016

    Always With The Belt

    All my spankings were bare butt with the belt laying across my bed
    lindsey24 lindsey24
    22-25, F
    39 Responses May 20, 2012

    Have you ever had the world suddenly dog pile a

    million emotionally charged items on your plate? I suffered through and barely finished an accelerated class over the summer. I got a two week break, during which time my oldest child decided to move 400 miles away (great for the kid, proud but weepy mama) and my boss...
    eric51amy49 eric51amy49
    56-60, M
    1 Response Aug 23, 2015

    I mean really, if you have ever been spanked

    with a belt why wouldn't it be done this way. To me anyway if someone goes to the trouble of removing his belt or going to get one I think he will make sure there is nothing covering her bottom. That has just been my experience anyway.
    doodlebug224 doodlebug224
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Dec 16, 2014

    Here is how it happened: My mother’s order

    was firm. She never seemed so resolute to teach me a harsh lesson. My heart jumped into my mouth. I wavered, refusing to obey her. She told me to choose: to be chased out of home or to take my trousers off. Where could I go? Thus I took off my trousers. I hoped to keep my briefs...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 6, 2015

    I Am New Here And I Still Get Spanked At 15

    I am Taylor and I just turned 15. My dad still spanks me. I live in Tennessee with my dad and my brother. A long time ago, when I was 3, my mother died during a car accident. After that I have been living with my dad and my brother. I am a freshman in high school and I guess I...
    taylorhenderson taylorhenderson
    22-25, F
    14 Responses Nov 2, 2013


    Yes I i got belted now and then but never more than 12 and to me it was hard but probably wasn't that bad. I m just a not tough.
    emgirl1568 emgirl1568
    22-25, F
    15 Responses Jan 13, 2013

    hi, like 2 month before my dad come home early

    catch me on the net with a boy i know online. he is in uk and very far but my dad was so angry think he is near and we meet and he didnt like my clothes say my top was very open for be in front of camera, was really horrible he so mad spank me too much and take out my computer...
    mariere16 mariere16
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Mar 7, 2016

    This Is My Sister's Latest

    My sister just had her 18th birthday a couple of weeks ago. She also earned a belt to her bare butt at the same time. We live in a gated community where you must have a pass key, code or permission to enter. My sister left without her pass key card and the code had just changed...
    ts92 ts92
    22-25, F
    19 Responses Feb 19, 2012

    Eric is out of town. He's gone

    for 36 hours. I'm sitting in our bed, blogging with the imprint of his belt bruised across my left butt cheek. This thing we do.... I'm Amy, the overachiever. Three teenagers, a full time job and back in school. This summer, I'm stuck in a class that is beyond difficult. It...
    eric51amy49 eric51amy49
    56-60, M
    1 Response Jul 18, 2015

    It's been 3 days since my last belt spanking

    and I'm feeling like I need another.
    Yayashelly26 Yayashelly26
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Feb 8, 2015

    Most Of The Time

    I was always spanked on my bare bottom wih a belt when my Dad spanked me,it did'nt matter what i had done,how many times i said sorry or begged not to be spanked i always went over his knee had my pants pulled down & had my bare bottom strapped well & good with that belt,how i...
    steveslittlehelper steveslittlehelper
    36-40, F
    30 Responses Jun 29, 2011

    At the time I was 15

    and till this day I can vividly remember the pain of the worst whi***** I ever got. I grew up in a strict family on a farm in Louisiana. Since being from the Deep South getting your a**whi**** regularly was normal. Mum was the one who was the disciplinarian in the house hold...
    Shanny17 Shanny17
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Apr 3, 2016

    See i lived in the country

    when i was young and i was getting bad grades in high school. When i'd come home with my report card any one f ment 12 strokes with my mothers aligator skin belt, D's where only 5. When in I was in 9th grade, i came home with 5 F's and the rest where C's. She tanned my bare hine...
    flaky2135 flaky2135
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Feb 23, 2015

    so I am 15 years old.

    I am a freshman in high school. my parents are the super old fashioned parents, very big on discipline. In our house, i usually get spanked for things such as not doing chores, breaking curfew, backtalking, attitude, bad grades, disobeying, and endangerment to myself or others...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Oct 14, 2015

    When I was young, it seemed like from out of

    nowhere my mother would say: "I think you need the belt. I think you are overdue for the strap". Looking back, I think she was right. I needed regular strap maintenance. I would often be in a bad mood when she mentioned my needing the belt. And lo and behold once those words...
    whitebirch999 whitebirch999
    70+, M
    Oct 31, 2015

    Dad's Belt

    whenever i received a smacked bottom from my dad it was always with the belt. my mum gave me and my sibblings the majority of our smacked bottoms. so for general nautigness and disobidence it was mum who dished out the most of our spankings, but if we had been really bad we could...
    mia12345 mia12345
    26-30, F
    13 Responses Apr 20, 2012

    Hello all, It has been a time I have posted

    something. But of course I still get spanked so I got it today. I was invited for a party with alcohol, older boys and music. I really wanted to go. I asked my parents and the immediately said no. At the night of the party, I secretly sneaked out and went to the party. The...
    JacyTexasGirl JacyTexasGirl
    18-21, F
    22 Responses Apr 21, 2014

    What My Belt Spankings Were Like

    Most of the times I got the belt, it was from Mom, although I did get some from Dad too. While they may have used the same implement, they had vastly different styles when it came to administering it. Dad had a very business-like judicial approach to it. Any lecturing was done...
    cornergurl cornergurl
    31-35, F
    14 Responses Jun 17, 2013

    my half term results are

    so bad and i failed one book, my dad will be very angry when he come home tonight, im scared he will use his belt again, anyone has good excuse or advice to tell him when he comes?
    mariere16 mariere16
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Feb 6, 2015

    I am Jacy and I am a 16 year old teenager,

    living in Texas. Here in Texas it is quite common to get spanked, either over the knees or with a leather belt.Between the ages of 4-10 I think 80% of all kids get spanked. If you go on to the kids between 10-16, I think 40% gets spanked. I am in that last group, still getting...
    JacyTexasGirl JacyTexasGirl
    18-21, F
    26 Responses Jun 3, 2014

    It Hurts, But I Deserve It

    I am 17 nearly 18 and i get spanked still. It hurt the hell sometimes if I get the belt or the cane on my bare, but afterwards I feel better because I have atoned for and all is forgiven. Other young people get house arrest or are forbidden to watch TV. Others are taking to drugs...
    carolinestevens carolinestevens
    18-21, F
    66 Responses Aug 25, 2011

    I Know How It Feels

    I was spanked with belt from age 5 until just a year or so ago, most of my life i feel my dads belt against my bare bottom whenever i wa bad or make him mad. just as my 3 sisters. Usually we have to take off our own pants and panties and lay on the couch or bed straigth to...
    Somacosa Somacosa
    22-25, F
    10 Responses Oct 15, 2012
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