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I Was Spanked In My Teen Years

Personal Stories, Advice, and Support 2,176 People

    Fer alla yew lovers o' High Brow poetry in

    this-here group (if any), here be THE KATE TRILOGY based on the real life experiences of my good friend. Nota Bene: "Svenkarnas Dag" is a Swedish cultural festival celebrated in the Midwest. THE KATE TRILOGY Bein' a Magnum Opus in Redneck Dialect (with apologies to Sinclair...
    megan1975 megan1975
    36-40, F
    1 Response Jul 28, 2015

    Father's Belt

    When I was 15 I was out with my boyfriend and another couple. We were up to no good drinking in a vacant home in our neighborhood. We'd been there a few hours and were pretty tipsy and we were apparently making too much noise. Unfortunately, the police were called and came to...
    debdd debdd
    41-45, F
    47 Responses Dec 29, 2011

    This story shows the effectiveness of The Stool

    when my girls were growing up. They hated it because they felt so foolish when they went on it. As usual I have to fly under the radar for this, so see the comments section.
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    7 Responses Feb 8, 2016

    I was never brave enough to ask my dad to spank

    me. Even though looking back I often wish I did, but I was scared he may react badly to it. I still get spanked by my bf now. I appreciate them a lot, they make me feel safe and loved and they keep me in line. It makes me wish my dad bent me over his knee more often (not in a...
    hollymayt hollymayt
    18-21, F
    13 Responses Aug 27, 2015

    my name is Emily. so I have an older sister

    who was just perfect in my parents eyes and still is. she is now engaged and works for a really good company. then there is me who is 16 and is still spanked on a weekly basis because I can't measure up to my perfect sister and I mess up more than she ever did. she got her...
    tiredgirl6 tiredgirl6
    22-25, F
    6 Responses Apr 9, 2016

    My Most Recent Spanking

    I was 15 when I lied to my mother about going out. She found out I went to where I wasn't allowed and was waiting for me in the living room when I got home. Late. She asked me where I went, and I lied. She asked me what happens to girls who lie to their mothers and I knew I was...
    niteheather niteheather
    22-25, F
    8 Responses Sep 12, 2011

    My daddy spanked by bare fanny

    for as long as I lived "under his roof". I remember one time I missed curfew by a mere 10 minutes and he was waiting up for me. I thought I could get out of a spanking by being contrite and apologizing profusely but to no avail. I was 17 and daddy told me to get the ruler and...
    ynkwwhr ynkwwhr
    61-65, M
    Dec 26, 2015

    Today was pretty bad.

    My parents require me to say "yes sir and no sir" and "yrs ma'am and no ma'am" when addressing them. Earlier today after school I was really tired so I was laying on the couch about to rest and my dad told me to come put my dish in the dishwasher and I responded "ok." My parents...
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses May 21, 2015

    Saw my mentor yesterday

    for some discipline. Got it over my briefs with his hand, and bare with a brush and belt. Feeling sore today.
    evanflow evanflow
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Jan 24, 2016

    The Spanking Stool

    After reading some of my own experiences, people have asked me if I spank my children. I tell them I do (or did--they are now adults), but not nearly the same way as I was spanked when I was a girl. My Mom took spanking very seriously, and never failed to spank me until I could...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    7 Responses Jun 2, 2013

    We did not have a woodshed

    but we had a laundry room. An add on to the back of the house with no windows, nice and private. The paddle was kept in there hanging on a nail. My dad gave me regular paddlings. He used a paddle that was lighter than the wood paddles used at school. But all of my paddling was...
    Lomaz Lomaz
    61-65, M
    1 Response Nov 8, 2015

    Just so you guys know,

    the account "schoolprinciple" is fake. Just a pervy guy who is being really gross talking to me.
    Baybay98 Baybay98
    22-25, F
    Jul 26, 2015

    I was spanked bare by my mom with her slipper

    in front of my boyfriend for being late home
    erprd erprd
    22-25, F
    11 Responses Dec 14, 2015

    I am Jacy and I am a 16 year old teenager,

    living in Texas. Here in Texas it is quite common to get spanked, either over the knees or with a leather belt.Between the ages of 4-10 I think 80% of all kids get spanked. If you go on to the kids between 10-16, I think 40% gets spanked. I am in that last group, still getting...
    JacyTexasGirl JacyTexasGirl
    18-21, F
    76 Responses Jun 3, 2014

    Untill 18

    I got it untill I went away to college at 18. I'm sure none of my friends were still getting spanked
    lindsey24 lindsey24
    22-25, F
    37 Responses Oct 14, 2012

    The Great Prom Night Panty Caper

    I was raised in a strict Christian household where corporal punishment was pretty much the only form of discipline handed out. From the age of 12 or so onward, that meant having either the belt or paddle applied to my bare bottom. I’ve detailed that in other stories so I won...
    cornergurl cornergurl
    31-35, F
    14 Responses Jul 3, 2013

    Danny and I had many things in common with one

    another. One of these was that we were 15 years old and we still got lickings at home. But we would not for the world have recognized it. Each of us tried to keep it in secret. This happened until one fine day when, after school, I paid a visit to him. Danny was alone at home...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 16, 2015

    If you have read my stories before,

    you know I am 19 and was last spanked at 16 by my grandfather. Recently I have been very curious and interested in experiencing a spanking again. About 3 months ago I visited an old friend's dad. He was a spanking dad and I had a feeling that if I eased into the conversation...
    evanflow evanflow
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Sep 21, 2015

    A Parting Gift For Our Contestant (my Final Home Spanking)

    I recall with crystalline clarity the last time I was spanked and it was a doozy! I was out with my best friend one Friday evening in the Summer of my Senior year of High School when I was 17 and I was due home at Midnight. I had actually been fairly good about adhering to my...
    spankedjenny spankedjenny
    51-55, F
    37 Responses Jun 21, 2011

    You can read about how my uncle spanked me

    and my cousins in the comments. Feel free to message me about any questions or if you just wanna chat!
    soccergirl22 soccergirl22
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 10, 2015

    Earlier Spankings

    I too had parents who believed in spanking and was spanked more than a few times together with my older sister and younger brother, until we were all too old for it. I vividly recall those scenes and the feelings of humiliation and embarrassment, along with the tightness in my...
    melissa206 melissa206
    26-30, F
    22 Responses Mar 29, 2013

    I was 15 and dad had taken us to the mall

    for a little Christmas shopping. We were splitting up, with me going upstairs to the second floor while dad and the boys shopped on the first floor. But almost as soon as the escalator reached the second floor dad was right behind me and he grabbed my arm and said in a low...
    ihatfff ihatfff
    61-65, F
    8 Responses Dec 27, 2015

    The Hour Of Shame

    In a good number of families, spanking and corner time were an inseparable combination. There were several variations. The victim could be made to stand in the corner to await the spanking, then returned to the corner, or most commonly, spanked well and then made to stand in the...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    6 Responses Jun 28, 2013

    The so guidelines said my story violated them

    so they won't let me write the story but now the story it's in the comments
    Afr1cangirl Afr1cangirl
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jan 20, 2016

    I don't remember if I was spanked

    as a teen. I wasn't spanked very much growing up, unfortunately. I really needed to be spanked more, because I was a brat! Here in the US, parents can get thrown in jail for spanking their kids, especially with an object like a hairbrush, coat hanger, belt, or switch (branch...
    cjkenton cjkenton
    4 Responses Aug 11, 2015

    I am new to this website.

    I'm amazed that so many teens my age are still spanked. I thought I was the only one. I hope some of you would like to talk to me. Anyway, my name is Raychel. I am 16 years old and my parents spank me still. I get spanked 3-4 times a month. I HATE it. They use either a paddle...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses May 15, 2015

    Shameful "survey"....

    I was 14 the first time I argued back at my Mother when she was about to spank me. Before that time I usually just pleaded, "Please not a spanking!?" or promised, "You don't have to spank me I'll be good," or begged, "Pleeeeseee mommmy noooo" But when I was 14 and got...
    Marzi333 Marzi333
    18-21, F
    24 Responses Jun 19, 2012

    this is one of the most embarrassing spankings

    i have ever gotten. i need to share it and wanted to share it for a long time but i was too embarresed. here it goes. my parents were always strict and usually gave me spankings for bad behaviour. although they were strict they never spanked me with my friends or in front of...
    amanda7070 amanda7070
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Jan 22, 2016

    I was also spanked when I was a teenager.

    Was checking this to see if other women had similar experiences and could maybe have a serious discussion with them. Instead, the majority I see are obviously fictional stories that focus more on a sexual dynamic than the spanking itself.. You can also tell just by reading them...
    bellatracy bellatracy
    2 Responses Aug 7, 2015

    Spanked Severely Twice,

    Once By My Father And Once By My Mother My parents didn't spank very often, and not, when we were small children - they used it mainly, when we misbehaved after the age of 10! There are two punishments, that I will remember the rest of my life! The first happened, when I was a...
    olafkolind olafkolind
    61-65, M
    May 23, 2015

    Hello everyone, I am 16

    and still get spanked. My mom usually spanks and sometimes her boyfriend. I am usually spanked I my room. First when I get in trouble for things like bad grades, lying and other things my mom or her boyfriend talk to me, then they tell me to go to my room and prepare for the...
    dmalone dmalone
    26-30, M
    4 Responses Nov 15, 2015

    Mother spanked me frequently

    and harshly until I was 20 and left home. I was whipped with a switch and paddled (across her lap) before an early bedtime every time I got into trouble and it seemed as tho I was in trouble all the time. It was the 60s in Texas and lots of kids got spanked but I don't think...
    sierralover sierralover
    61-65, M
    11 Responses Aug 1, 2015

    Pantyhose Down! When I was a girl I received

    my share of spankings, along with my two younger sisters. I think the worst ones were those I got as a teenager, when I was at my most mischievous. My sisters and I were not really “bad” girls, but we got into plenty of trouble by doing things that were just plain stupid...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    4 Responses Jun 24, 2014

    Mardi Gras Mishap This happend on Mardi Gras a

    couple of years ago. On Mardi Gras in New Orleans the kids are usually out of school on Monday and Tuesday so our family, my sister, and her three daughters (7, 11, and 13) went out together to see the parades. We ate brunch at a nearby restaurant, since the restaurant offered...
    thepreacherswife thepreacherswife
    41-45, F
    5 Responses Jan 9, 2014

    Barb and Shirley Get the Switch!

    Last week I visited my Mom, who is now 81 but still lives alone in the house in which we were brought up. She thought it might be nice to take a drive to her deceased parents' farm where she and her siblings were raised. Of course I was very familiar with the place, having...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    8 Responses Oct 7, 2014

    My Evil Sister... ..

    .loved when I got whippings. She always tried to watch, and even lent her rawhide, tooled leather belt to my dad when he asked for it to whip my hide. I have no doubt she instigated trouble if she thought it would end with my pants down, and stripes applied to my poor bottom with...
    phillysteve phillysteve
    36-40, M
    1 Response Jun 21, 2015

    Spanked 3 Times In 1 Day.

    I was hanging out with my friend Wendy one day. She is the daughter of our pastor, and the pastor has the right to spank us. That day, me and Wendy decided to go to the river by her house and swim. We changed into our swim suits, and snuck out to the lake by her house. Because...
    prettygirl3579 prettygirl3579
    18-21, F
    9 Responses Apr 28, 2013
    Carolina2000 Carolina2000
    22-25, F
    13 Responses Mar 14, 2016

    My Final Tanning From Mom

    My two younger sisters and I were spanked through our teen years by our mom, whose weapon of choice was the flat wooden hairbrush that kept us from sitting down for a long time. Getting spanked as teenagers was not unusual where I grew up, both at home and at school. When I was...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    13 Responses Feb 26, 2013

    Renee's Last Whipping People sometimes ask me

    if I spanked my girls while they were growing up. I must admit I did, but the spankings were very half-hearted and reluctantly given because I didn't really want to hurt them. Unlike the spankings I received as a girl, when I couldn't sit down afterward, my girls were none the...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    5 Responses Jul 31, 2014

    I grew up as the daughter of two ex-pats in

    what Botswana in the late 60s and 70s. At that time corporal punishment was widely used, both at school and at home. By today's standards it would have been considered severe. I would be interested in chatting to others who grew up within the ex-pat community or who received...
    IsabelRider IsabelRider
    51-55, F
    14 Responses May 10, 2014

    And It Didn't Kill Me

    I grew up in the 70s and 80s. Kids were spanked then, it was normal for most families and mine was no exception. My parents spanked us, not often but enough times to know what we could expect from poor attitude and behavior. The last spanking I got was an especially hard one from...
    JennierW70 JennierW70
    41-45, F
    6 Responses Aug 31, 2013

    I'm 16 and still spanked.

    I really am here to talk to other genuine people who have been spanked or who spank their kids. I'm not looking for people to add me and never talk to me, I'm not looking for some 'mom' to threaten to 'spank' me and I don't want to talk to 'teens' who send me pictures of 'their...
    deleted deleted
    11 Responses Aug 26, 2014

    Hey I'm Shelby

    Hey, I'm Shelby I'm 18 years old and I live in Kentucky born and raised and I i'm a country girl to say at the least. I'm ggoing to be a freshman in college attending The University of Louisville wanting to be a teacher. I would also like to continue being a cheerleader as I was...
    Shelbyconway123 Shelbyconway123
    22-25, F
    14 Responses Aug 11, 2013

    My Parents have always spanked me.

    I'm 18 now and still live at home. I thought as I got older that I wouldn't be shanked any more but my parents say things like " as long as your our daughter, living under our roof, you'll live by our rules". I stopped telling friends that I got spanked because they used to...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jul 3, 2015

    The Spankings Of My Teens Left A Lasting Impression

    Responsible was the hand of dad. My bum made acquaintance with it for the first time in my preteens. Strong and brawny hands. Hands like paddles. Shaped by hard work. He not even touched me when i was younger. Maybe he was inhibited because i was a girl (my older brother got off...
    annette1977 annette1977
    31-35, F
    22 Responses Jan 26, 2013

    Hi everyone. My name is Taylor.

    I am 16 years old and my parents still spank me a lot. I thought I was the only teen still getting spanked so I'm glad I found this website! :) So I get spanked about 2-3 times a month. Sometimes more sometimes less. Mostly for stuff like back talking, arguing, not listening...
    taylorcsa taylorcsa
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Jun 23, 2015

    So today I needed to vacume the upstairs

    but the vacume was down stairs. I tried to get the vacume upstairs but I wasn't strong enough because our stairs are really steep and the vacume is heavy. My parents said that I was a worthless piece of **** and they should have aborted me. Then they spanked me with the belt 50...
    deleted deleted
    3 Responses May 20, 2015

    Hello. I just discovered this website by

    accident. I hope to meet a lot of people like me. I have a husband and 3 daughter. Madison (17), Meagan (16), and Myranda (15). All three of them are spanked regularly. They each get spanked about once a week. My husband and I use a wooden spoon most of the time, but for...
    Momof3sweeties Momof3sweeties
    46-50, F
    2 Responses May 13, 2015

    I visited my new 'dad' again yesterday

    for a strict paddling. I had to hold on to the sides of a chair and he told me if I stood up, he would start the 15 swats over again. That lexan paddle left me on fire.
    evanflow evanflow
    18-21, M
    2 Responses Nov 22, 2015

    Six Flags Spanking

    Well it was yesterday when I was at six flags in san antonio with my parents and brothers, my parents said that we would get on all the rides, but instead we spent the whole day at the water park and that's when me and my brother started arguing, My dad: young lady you need to...
    sdeleon18 sdeleon18
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Jul 23, 2013

    Jennifer's Turn I began to use what we called

    the Family Spanking Stool on my triplet girls when they were pre-teens of twelve. They were getting too big to be put over my knee—although my Mom had no trouble putting us over her lap as teenagers!--so I bought a wooden stool at Wal-Mart and, at an antique fair, an old...
    BadPam BadPam
    56-60, F
    7 Responses Aug 2, 2014

    Teen Shame

    I've posted before about being a girl raised by strict religious parents and shared some of my spanking memories. Recently I found out my 15-yr-old niece had been spanked by my sister and I asked my sis how she did it. She described spanking her daughter pretty much just like...
    mmMick66 mmMick66
    31-35, F
    30 Responses Sep 24, 2011

    Today I was at home being bored

    while my mother was out. I kind of got into a little fight and argument with a neighbor and they called her. When my mother got home she started yelling at me and she said I was grounded for a month. Well I told her I didn't care and she said that I was to go to the corner and...
    Teengirl92 Teengirl92
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Jul 5, 2015
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