I Was the Fat Kid That Everyone Picked On

Please Don't Laugh At Me.... It hurts too much to be the blunt of everyone's jokes. =( 66 People

    I Dont Care Anymore.

    i am me and i cant change who i am i may have a womans body with a little more cusion  than normal for a teenage gril but im glad i dont look like one of those anorexic girls... they creep me out. well one day i got tired of people picking on me and this one guy called me a...
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    Beyond That...

    I was chubby and then overweight as a kid.....until I was a freshman in high school. Then, I don't remember exactly what happened but I got fed up with my weight. I wanted to be pretty and fit into cool clothes. I started running and I think at some point sort of developed an...
    tnomlebgirl tnomlebgirl
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    Mar 5, 2008


    When i was 11 years old, i weighed sixty five kilos. (thats about a hundred and forty-four pounds).  But no one teased me. I was at a lovely school. But because of that i didn't strive to loose weight, well, until one day. I was twelve and a half. Summer was just over and...
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    I Was The Fat Kid..

    At age 14, i was at my biggest. 240lbs. That is the size of a hefty male, not a teenage girl. I was teased daily. I hated everything, and everyone; so i turned to food for comfort. At age 15, I lost two lbs, but sadly I gained it back within a week. I am now 16 years of age and i...
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    Want To Prove Myself To Those Who Made Fun Of Me?

    Hi! NOW CASTING WOMEN AGES 18-35 THAT WANT TO LOSE 50-85 lbs. AND SHOW OFF THEIR NEW BOD'S TO: - a childhood bully at a family reunion - an old nemesis or head of an organization that chastised you for your weight_- a former trainer that told you you were a hopeless cause...
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    Aug 3, 2012

    I Was

    I had lost like 30 pounds and grown since I was very chubby when I was in sixthgrade. Now I am pretty skinny. I just ran, played sports and ate right. The rest my body did. The worst part about being chubby is the fat jokes. Even with nice kids, you get relentless fat jokes...
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    Oct 16, 2014

    A Day In The Life: Being The Fat Kid

    Walking through the halls, I cover my stomach, hide behind my hair. And perhaps it's always been this way. Upon my birth, perhaps I was cursed. They don't laugh at me anymore. They don't make jokes. But I know what they're thinking, by the way they look at me, I sense it. "Fat...
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