I Was Tortured

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    Does It Count?

    It's not that they tortured me, my parents. But it feels just as bad. My parents don't usually pay attention to me, I don't know why, maybe because I'm the middle child, and because I don't ask for help...ever. I don't really know why they do what they do, but I guess they don...
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    I Published My Story of Torture

    Torture is a difficult subject for survivors of torture to talk about.  All victims don't react in the same manner to the effects of torture.  Some victims strong willed can endure the pain to recall the torture while other traumatized victims may not recall the torture...
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    I Am Thankful

    This is not one of my brighter stories... but it has an happy ending, I promise. ;-) This story is a little difficult to write about. It's about my rape, that happened when I was 21 (over 8 years ago). I will not leave any details to what happened. Only because I've told my...
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    When I Was A Kid.

    as a child my father and uncle molested and tortured me for 8 years. besides being anally raped i has a stun gun applied to my nuts, been beat, had a needle stabbed into my pee hole, waterboarded, shot with a bb gun, had cigerettes put out on me, spit on, dragged outside naked in...
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    Wtf! What Kinda Person Does This?

    That is the questions I have asked myself because when I was a baby my mother said she had a weird feeling and it was really quiet, so she went into the bedroom to check on me. There she found my sister with a pillow over me and her leaning on it. She was trying to smother me...
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    Red Ribbon

    Destiny says that this is a good place to write a story about me. My name is Faithe Liane (lee-anne) and I'm one of Christen/Big Sister's alters. We call eachother Siblings. Um, well I'm eight, and 3/4ths and this is my story? When I was little Mommy and Daddy figure didn't...
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    As A Baby.

    To start off, I/we have DID also know as Multiple Personalities. 120 known of and 200 suspected. 5 months - 5 years we were:: Neglected locked in dark places tickled till we peed our selves. starved. Bug put in to our food. made to witness animal abuse **or at leats the end...
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    Life With Shane

    It is the anniversary of the day that my husband kicked the growing life out of my womb with his big black engineer group.  It was April Fools Day 1974, and a full moon.  He knocked me to the ground, and planted that boot in my stomach once, then again.  We stayed...
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    * There are two kinds of people,

    those who do this division and those who don't. * The History doesn't repeat but the historians repeat themselves........!!!!
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    Im 16 years old. I've been through so many days of hell. I've even tried to kill myself. I wasn't lucky to have such a father, i don't deserve anything like this, what have i done wrong? My father, a psycho. he gambles and losses all his money, but in the end,i'm the one who he...
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    This is a story of a true life event: I am a

    man without emotion. Sometimes I think that I have ran out of tears. Or maybe my in-ability to cry has only been beaten out of me. My bottom has become numb, for the floor that I sit upon is ice cold. My captors have ******** me of all known clothing, and thus my dignity. My...
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    So, Sabrina, the neighborhood *****,

    catches me at school one day during passing lunch. Her gang grabs me and drags me into the bathroom. When we got in there, Sabrina came out of the stall with an out of order sign. she places it at the bathroom door and locks it. Then they push me into the stall and force my...
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