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I Wear Diapers At Night

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    Night Time Diapers Are A Necessity!

    I have never had a bed wetting problem, but do enjoy wearing diapers to bed. Mostly because I can wake up in the middle of the night, have to go, and not have to get up. I wear mainly goodnites, but if I think I will be going a lot I wear Tranquility Night Time diapers. Most of...
    jcpapergirlz jcpapergirlz
    22-25, F
    7 Responses Apr 10, 2010

    I Can Not Sleep Well If Not Using Diaper

    Almost every night I sleep diaper, my guess makes me comfortable and peaceful sleep more. And in the morning I wake up very happy to be using my diaper, but as work is a pity that I can not use my diaper during the day. But I'm always anxious for the night to arrive soon so I can...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Mar 29, 2013

    Just In Case

    I wear cloth diapers and plastic pants at night because I don't want wet sheets. I have had wetting problems for all of my life, and just recently, I've come to terms with this, emotionally. I no longer feel the shame I once did. I figure wearing diapers is better having wet...
    billblake billblake
    51-55, M
    3 Responses Nov 18, 2009


    I wear diaper every night to sleep in and my wife is ok with me sleeping in diapers I get all my diapers online from abu
    lebo3162 lebo3162
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Oct 20, 2013

    I Wear Nappies Because I Need to

    I'm not perhaps the same as the rest of you guys.  I don't understand why someone would actually want to wear a nappy for fun.  I wear one because two or three times a week I have accidents in my sleep, and I don't want to go through the hassle of washing my bedding and...
    theresa theresa
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Dec 11, 2007

    Started As A Good Day

    i wear diapers all the time 24/7 since im incontinent, during the night i often wake up wet or messed and need to change before i can sleep again, to night was one such night. I had pooped before i went to bed but i woke up really wet, so i changed and went back to sleep. And...
    MissXerxes MissXerxes
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Dec 4, 2011

    Tell My Mom About My Diapers

    Hi, i love to wear and wet diapers and i do this almost every night since five or six years ago, sometimes i wear them even in daytime. The fact is i want to tell it to my mom. Occasionally in the past she found out pads or diapers, and she related to me. In my teen years she...
    wetteo wetteo
    1 Response Nov 28, 2012

    I Am A Bed Wetter

    I am 31 f I have wet the bed all my life.It runs in my family nt dad wet too 18 mom wet to 22.So my sister and I were never yelled at I started to like being a bed wetter at 15.when my twin sister and I were 17 we finly got a pc that would do the internet I found out I was not...
    pattyann55413 pattyann55413
    31-35, F
    2 Responses May 27, 2013

    Babysitting my cousins - I'm watching my

    cousins tonight as my aunt and uncle are going to Pittsburg. My cousins, a boy age 5 and girl age 7 are bed wetters. I got them into their diapers tonight and then got into mine. We played briefly and then watched Elf. My girl cousin needed to pee, so she just simply wet her...
    netzlyb netzlyb
    22-25, M
    Dec 25, 2013

    Bed Wetting

    hi i am lisa i am 26 yr old and i wear diapers i like them a lot they are verry comfertable and thick and boulky and they make a russtlen sound wen i walk but they make me feel like a big baby and i like that feeling i think i;ll wear them all the time
    abdlbottlegrl abdlbottlegrl
    26-30, F
    26 Responses Jul 1, 2007

    Wet Diapers Only At Night!!

    DiscoTech DiscoTech
    41-45, M
    1 Response Nov 7, 2012

    Bedwetting Does Run In Families

    My dad was a bed wetter until his teens, so was I, but neither of my siblings were. I have friends who were both bedweters until their teens and so was thier son. I will be interesting to see if his new born daughter also is a bed wetter. Today i enjoy wearing diapers on...
    jen1234 jen1234
    51-55, F
    3 Responses Jun 11, 2013

    It is snowy here so I spent the night in a motel

    rather than driving home. Got a bottle of wine with dinner and took 1/2 of it back to the hotel. It was finished before I went to bed. I spent the night is a very thick "overnight disposable" which is has been used several times but still appears to have some capacity. I...
    jen1234 jen1234
    51-55, F
    1 Response Mar 6, 2015

    In my late twenties and I enjoy wearing diapers

    to bed most nights as I love the feeling I get from them although I don't mess them. Its been going on for years now and I feel very alone, I would love to meet like minded people that share my experience/fetish.
    noel1986 noel1986
    31-35, M
    4 Responses Nov 13, 2014

    Why I Wear Diapers At Nite

    I wear diapers at nite because I sleep extremely deeply and I don't always wake up when I have to pee. Waking up to a wet diaper is much better than waking up to a wet bed. Less laundry too.
    nhdl nhdl
    31-35, M
    4 Responses Dec 4, 2010


    my name is James i have always been in diapers. i am 15 years old and i wear diapers 24/7. i was never toilet trained. i wear diapers because i have severe urinary icontonance and poop just never stops coming. last night i stayed up all night and didn't change my dry 24/7 brief...
    Jotto17 Jotto17
    22-25, M
    Oct 22, 2013

    Diaper Lover 24/7,now

    Well my story starts about 8 years ago.My x-wife had read a story about a man and wife where the wife made him wear a diaper to bed for a night every time he would say the "F" word around her.She asked me what I thought about her making him do that and I told her it...
    diaperandlingerie diaperandlingerie
    3 Responses Aug 12, 2008

    Soft And Secure

    Hi everybody. I am an AB in South Carolina and just got the cutest diapers ever--ABU Cushies (plastic)! I wore one today and it held three wettings! I love the designs and the single tapes! I wear diapers to bed and can't go to sleep without one on because they make me feel safe...
    lilj1812 lilj1812
    22-25, M
    Dec 12, 2012

    I Wear Diapers At Night Too

    not every night, but some nights. I would like to every night as it is comfortable and convenient...
    blob22 blob22
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Nov 10, 2012

    Its Been a Long Time

    I have had a bedwetting problem most of my life.  I have had all the tests, etc, but there seems to be no obvious cause.  I'm OK during the day, although I will wear Tena pants if I am out and about for any length of time. At night, though, its a different story and 2...
    LynneJ71 LynneJ71
    3 Responses Dec 6, 2008

    I've slept in nappies

    for a few years now since my bedwetting came back with regularity.
    Stillwetshisbed Stillwetshisbed
    51-55, M
    Dec 24, 2015

    Locked In Room : Maya Holding Pee Naked, Wearing Diaper & Wetting Diaper

    It's long day. After work Maya comes home and lays down on bed. She is sleeping in her room when her mom locked room from outside and went for shopping. Maya feels pee desperation and she wakes up. She found the door is locked, she has no choice then to wait for her mom to come...
    barbie78 barbie78
    31-35, F
    Aug 10, 2013

    Bedwetting Girl

    Hi, Im 19 and I wet the bed... it feels good to get that out.   I wear a diaper and plastic pants to bed everynight.  The only people who know are my parents and my best friend and college roomate... Good to see that im not the only one out there.
    Erica80 Erica80
    18-21, F
    16 Responses Apr 19, 2010

    My Landlady

    I have wearing diapers, wearing infantile pyjamas and using baby bottles and pacifiers  whenver possible over the past thirty years. I moved into a house where I told my land lady that I still wet my bed and She would go to the supermarket whenever I needed more diapers. I...
    babyfrankie babyfrankie
    3 Responses Oct 12, 2008

    No Longer On Purpose

    I've been wearing a diaper to bed for years now because I love the feel of them and I like to wet them instead of getting up to go to the bathroom.  Over the last few months, however, I wake up and am already wet - not intentionally.  I love it though.  I find it...
    froggydl3 froggydl3
    31-35, M
    6 Responses Nov 21, 2007

    I'm Also a Diapered Bedwetter

    It's been almost 2 years now since I've returned to using diapers and plastic pants on a full time basis at night - and quite honestly, I'm glad I have since I no longer have to worry about waking up in a cold and wet bed every morning. Knowing that I'm back in...
    abyEric abyEric
    11 Responses Feb 7, 2008

    Just Easier That Way...

    I've been a bedwetter since 15, and it wasn't until 19 when I accepted using diapers as an alternative. At first I thought it was out of the question to wear diapers, but I began to realize it would just be easier. Diapers minimize cleanup and keep the mattress, sheets and...
    willietheshoe willietheshoe
    22-25, M
    1 Response Sep 21, 2011

    Getting Used To Not Getting Up

    My boyfriend puts me in diapers on the weekends. It's something that we mutually enjoy. He likes the sense of authority it gives him over me, and I sometimes just like the fact that he wants to take care of me. He has me in diapers continuously from Friday to Monday, which...
    mmylo mmylo
    18-21, M
    5 Responses Feb 25, 2012

    Comfort And Security Of Diapers And Footed Pajamas

    .is wonderful and seems to remove all one's cares when he lies in bed feeling so protected. Added security is achieved by wearing plastic pants over the Depends or whatever. Some nights I awake needing to pee and do rather than get out of bed and have more trouble going back to...
    allwm allwm
    Sep 26, 2012

    Me And My Nappy/diaper

    wearing a  diaper or nappy as the English call them is something I done all of my life except one short spell when mummy felt by NOT wearing the wetness would awake me up and then just maybe my b/w problem would not be a be problem anymore. But that idea really did not work.I...
    sweetsadie sweetsadie
    18-21, F
    8 Responses Dec 19, 2010

    Still Need to Be Diapered At Night

    My Mom put me into diapers and plastic baby panties when the good nights just didnt hold it all. I was 12 or 13 then and am still wetting most nights and still diapered befor bed and still live with my Mom so not much changed other then my acceptance of my enuris and now some day...
    jnnywets jnnywets
    3 Responses Jul 9, 2009

    We Bedwetters

    My two kids and I are bedwetters so we are all diapered at night.
    deleted deleted
    6 Responses Feb 3, 2013


    I love wearing diapers during the day and at night. When I put a diaper on later at night I like to go to bed with it on. I love the thick feeling of it and how comfortable it is. My diapers are usually so thick that I can't sleep on my side, I either have to sleep on my tummy or...
    ducky2014 ducky2014
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jul 1, 2013


     i've been wetting pretty much forever. At first i used to wear the pullups where if you peed in them, the princesses would disappear. Now that i'm 16 i usually wear goodnites or underjams. sometimes i wear a pampers cruiser to bed though. those hold a TON of pee. 
    sophieepstein sophieepstein
    18-21, F
    5 Responses Jan 24, 2010

    Forced To Be In A Diaper

    when i was 14 i started to wet the bed at night. i went about a month with out my mom noticing. one day she saw i had wet the bed, but she did not tell me she had. she kept it a secret till that night, after she went to the store. when she was at the store she had bought soome...
    bigZ20 bigZ20
    Aug 12, 2010

    Discovered Once Again In Diapers

    I have had similar problems with being discovered by airport securiry. First time was traveling back into USA from Quebec. Air Canada was double checking carry on bags. This was about 7 months after 911. So my carry on bag was loaded with Attends. The stewardess also checking a...
    dakota98 dakota98
    46-50, M
    1 Response Sep 22, 2011

    Diapers and Airport Security

    I travel a lot for business and since I am as likely to wet my bed as not,  I generally travel with pull up diapers, rubber pants and a protective sheet with cloth on the top, but vinyl on the bottom.  I pack them all in a large clear plastic zip lock sweater bag. ...
    Floater Floater
    36-40, M
    12 Responses Jan 29, 2008

    Wear At Night While Traveling

    While traveling and staying in a motel/hotel I will generally change into my diaper and plastic panties either before are just after diner. Arfrter diner, I will then do some work, checking e-mails, etc. and then visit EP to read other's experiences. I will generally pee my...
    jen1234 jen1234
    51-55, F
    Nov 25, 2011

    I Am A Bedwetter

    I have wet the bed for a little while now and wear tranquility ATN's at night, and goodnites to school incase I fall asleep in class. I'm bisexual and single so message me if you are interested.
    BiBedwetter BiBedwetter
    18-21, M
    Nov 16, 2012

    Wanting To Become A Bed Wetter

    okay.. so i have been thinking about trying to become a bed wetter.. but i'm 16 now. all my life i loved diapers but anyways.. in my house its just me and my mom, witch is good and makes me more comfortable about becoming a bed wetter. but as i'm thinking about it.. i know my mom...
    diaperboy5656 diaperboy5656
    22-25, F
    1 Response Apr 25, 2013

    So Close

    Last night I wet the bed so bad my diaper leaked and you could smell it if I raised my blanket.well this morning my mom came up to my room (I was already scared she would smell it) and she into the bed almost touching where me diaper leaked and she said " Do you smell that it...
    Kissers Kissers
    22-25, M
    1 Response Feb 2, 2013

    A New Pair Of Plastic Pants

    They arrived in the mail today -- a new pair of plastic pants from They are pink and opaque, but what sets them apart for the other five pair of plastic pants I have is how high the fit on my waist. They are classified as "hi back" and they are. Lighter in weight...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 23, 2013

    Just done a poll...http://www. want people to decide my fate...
    deleted deleted
    Sep 29, 2014

    Nighttime Diaper

    Is usually a double diaper for my enjoyment mostly. I like feeling the thickness between my legs, its drives me wild and makes me hornywhich I love because I think of wearing my diaper as a chastity of sorts. If I'm wearing a diaper, I cannot touch myself, but rubbing the outside...
    trukr07 trukr07
    36-40, M
    Aug 25, 2012


    im going into diapers 24/7 because of my lower back its making me lose control I have a few friends helping me out this sucks any ideas on whatkind to get
    bdp48 bdp48
    18-21, M
    6 Responses Jun 12, 2013

    I Like To Sleep In A Wet Diaper

    All my accidents happen durring the day time. I hardly wet my bed any more. I like to go to sleep in a wet warm diaper it helps me sleep better. Because of my back pain I don't sleep like a rock or a log anymore. When I was a kid it took one to one and a half hours to wake me up...
    Babyleanna1975 Babyleanna1975
    41-45, T
    Oct 27, 2012

    I Wear Diapers To Bed Sometimes

    Wearing diapers to bed is great! I love doing it sometimes, and they help you go to sleep more easily. The material of the diapers between your legs is a nice feeling, they quickly take up your body heat, and radiate is back towards your body, and it feels especially comfy if you...
    yrfrpd90 yrfrpd90
    18-21, M
    4 Responses Oct 8, 2010
    Hooksalot1 Hooksalot1
    61-65, M
    3 Responses May 14, 2013

    Lovely Nighttime Diaper

    i started to wear diapers at night about 1-1/2-2 years ago. did it out of comfort when i found out i was sleeping better with a diaper. started out wearing baby diapers only then progressed to wearing goodnites diapers. now its gone from just being comfort to a somewhat need...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Aug 25, 2012

    Every night for a little over 10 years.

    It started because, when I was 17, my mother discovered a bag of goodnites in my room. So, of course, I did the only thing I could think of in the moment and told her I had been wetting the bed. She was less than happy and the whole thing was really embarrassing, but she...
    LittleLadyChels LittleLadyChels
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Feb 6, 2015

    Diaper Fashion??

    I don't know about you, but I find it wierd that when I shop for cloth diapers and plastic pants I generally buy multiple colors/paterns of both the diapers and plastic pants. When I wear them,  I generally wear plastic pants to match the diapers, much like any other piece...
    Floater Floater
    36-40, M
    8 Responses Sep 24, 2008

    Almost Had A Dry Night :(

    Last night I was having a little trouble sleeping and woke up around 4:30AM. I hate when that happens because I can never seem to get good sleep after that. Luckily it was still too early for the sun to rise and still plenty dark for me to drift back to sleep. I was just about...
    jaykicks jaykicks
    26-30, M
    3 Responses Apr 18, 2011

    I am diabetic, have three disks compressed L1,

    L2 & L3 and an enlarged prostrate. About 5 years ago I began experiencing wetting my underwear at night. Then a couple of mornings I awoke in a wet bed. I had taken some sleeping pills. I went to my doctor and he suggested that I wear a collection bag and a Cather. I purchased...
    Kachinatrail Kachinatrail
    70+, M
    2 Responses Aug 23, 2014

    Anybody Want To Chat

    hey everybody its Tyler again. i just want to know if anybody wants to chat im looking to chat with both boys and girls ages 13-17. we can talk about diapers and stuff or just plain talk. if you want to chat message me on my kik. my kik username is T0x1C_CoW.
    diapercow diapercow
    Aug 15, 2013
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