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I Wear Skimpy Shorts Or Spandex Jogging

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    The Less The Better....

    I regularly go out in my little jogging short and don't care about what may be revealed. During the summer months, I go out to the track around the football field with just the sports bra and my spandex thong. From the front it looks somewhat normal, but from the back, it's a...
    sonya7997 sonya7997
    31-35, F
    10 Responses Dec 25, 2010

    Males Wearing Skimpy Shorts Get A Different Reaction

    The trend in shorts for men is to keep getting longer. The trend for women is to keep getting shorter. I don't mind the latter, but am not that fond of the former. When I was in high school, men's shorts were as short or shorter than women's (think old pictures of basketball...
    tomkojohn tomkojohn
    51-55, M
    12 Responses Sep 11, 2012

    When Running...

    I do a lot of running (I'm a triathlete) and the right pair of shorts is essential for a good run. Depending on mood, I may wear the short running shorts or compression type of shorts.  Both look good on me (in my opinion), and feel good too!  No shirt is always preferred!
    SwimmerBud SwimmerBud
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Mar 20, 2013

    Soaked With Sweat ...

    when the weather is warm out, these are the perfect shorts for running; they just barely cover my butt. like Chrissy says, they can get a little transparent once i'm sweaty, but the comfort is tough to beat. i like looking at them when i'm finished and you can see the sweat...
    deleted deleted
    9 Responses Dec 17, 2010

    Boy Shorts

    This may seem strange or not but jogging in just boy shorts can be quite naughty. I'm built thin and I'm not overweight so I am able to pull this off. When the warmer weather hits in the summer, sometimes the temps can get into the 90s. Who wants to wear long sleeve or long...
    wunderunders wunderunders
    31-35, M
    4 Responses Apr 6, 2013

    Another Wa*k In The Country

    It was a pleasant day yesterday, a good day for a walk, so putting my shorts on under my trousers , went rambling in the hills near where I live. Thinking that I had found a secluded spot on a quiet stretch of footpath where there was a cool breeze I undid my trousers and let...
    deleted deleted
    Apr 1, 2011

    When Out Running

    As a competitive runner, I've become more and more comfortable showing off my legs in public by wearing short shorts when training. I prefer to wear either short, loose running shorts with a 2-3" inseam and liner or compression/spandex shorts with a 2-4" inseam. I like the fit...
    thonglife thonglife
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jul 31, 2013
    wonderingdude wonderingdude
    31-35, M
    3 Responses Jan 18, 2011

    Eyes Up Here, Lady!

    I recently plucked up enough courage to wear running tights when out running in public. While it helped tremendously with my running performance, I had always been only too aware of the attention I drew and no doubt was terribly self-conscious. So terrible was my self...
    SlickSilver SlickSilver
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Jul 18, 2013

    I always wear my skimpy shorts

    or spandex when I go running around the park in the morning. I also wear my tight shirts. I don't like wet clothing sticking to me and it feels more comfortable. I like the form fitting and the smiles I get.
    swimguy0812 swimguy0812
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Oct 1, 2014


    I ride bicycles quite alot and spandex is the normal attire and allways the most reveling after a ride here in the summer, every one is hot and sweaty, the hotter it gets the more zippers get pulled and more gets exposed. Bicycle gear dose'nt leave much to the imagination. I...
    oldjack5 oldjack5
    70+, M
    Feb 20, 2011

    Just Love Them!

    I just love how they shape my butt. Sometimes they ride up and I'm in public so I can't pick the wedgie. But, I have had boys come up and grab an touch my butt. Sometimes they pinch my butt. Over all in all I love them!
    Wedgiegirl203 Wedgiegirl203
    22-25, F
    Sep 16, 2013

    This spring and summer,

    I've been wearing Nike Pro 2.5 short shorts for running on hot days. I like to show off my legs and *** so these are the perfect shorts to do so. They are very thin and slightly transparent so I wear a lycra Good Devil thong underneath for support and coverage. My wife and sexy...
    thonglife thonglife
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Jun 9, 2014

    Shiny Lycra Spandex

    i just love to see a woman in tight shiny lycra shorts, their little sexy bum all shiny and so sexy!
    drippy72 drippy72
    41-45, M
    Jul 7, 2012

    After my last post on this topic,

    I have continued to wear Nike shorts for runs but also ordered a pair of the Asics Stride Brief in black. They fit me perfectly and have turned out to be my new favorite running bottom. They fit like a traditional Speedo with a flat front, no seam but the material feels amazing...
    thonglife thonglife
    26-30, M
    1 Response Sep 23, 2014

    Stopped By Police

    On occasion I go down to the track on queit days and jog wearing my sports bra and black spandex thong instead of shorts. It's become more of a comfort thing for me. It seems that somebody didn't think it was appropriate and called the police on me. While I was running, a...
    sonya7997 sonya7997
    31-35, F
    12 Responses Jun 16, 2011

    One Of My Favorite Things

    I love to wear spandex pants or shorts in public. sometimes i wear thongs other times i just go nude. I love the feel of spandex on my **** and balls. it shows off my package perfectly. the looks I get are incredible. I love to see womens eyes get large as they see the...
    inhibitions0 inhibitions0
    36-40, M
    Apr 11, 2012

    A Matter Of Comfort

    When I work out, especially in warm weather, I generally wear little more than short spandex shorts and a sports bra. First and foremost, I do it for comfort. When I'm getting all sweaty, the last thing I want is a lot of wet clothing sticking to me, rubbing and chaffing, and...
    nudeinthewoods nudeinthewoods
    31-35, F
    7 Responses Mar 10, 2011

    Yoga Fun

    I called a Yoga instructor that had a banner placed outside a home. She told me she wasnt a certified instructor and had started this more as a club to meet new neighbors. I told her I was a beginner and asked if I would be able to get some help, since I didnt really know what I...
    Nudestan Nudestan
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Aug 8, 2011

    With A Friend

    I have a bet on with a friend of mine. Over drinks one night we decided that we were going to get fit and have that V shape in our groin. A couple of week later we caught up with eachother for a work out. When we were planning it I said that I had forgotten my shorts and only had...
    sethmully sethmully
    36-40, M
    1 Response Nov 25, 2011

    A Wa*k In The Country

    I like to walk in the hills near where I live with my short shorts on underneath my trousers then when I'm a way from people and houses I undo the trousers so that as I walk they slowly fall down around my thighs and knees exposing my shorts to the weather especially if it's a...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 28, 2011

    Any Sport Or Physical Activity

    I wear volleyball shorts for any of that mostly, and if not that, yoga pants.I wear them to work, when I work out, when I run/jog, when I play any type of recreational sports, just about any physical activity I do because to me they're incredibly comfortable.
    MonicaMarie MonicaMarie
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Sep 25, 2013
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