I Will Have a Great Relationship With the Woman of My Dreams.

Cursed to be sentenced to a term of Eternity in a prison of Hope...I love you! 6 People

    You're With Me...somewhere

    To you, My Love: It's funny...no it isn't, actually. Where are you? Who are you, exactly? What are your desires...your needs...your deal breakers? I know you're out there somewhere because I can feel you. I can not stop myself from feeling you. I've tried. It felt a...
    burydeath burydeath
    36-40, M
    Feb 20, 2008

    Where the Rubber Meets the Road

    That is our desire, To have that great relationship. fantasy however is much easier than bringing it into the real. That is the part where many a grand dream shatters against the implacable hard wall of reality. But for those with the courage to reach out for it and strive to...
    Mountainman923518 Mountainman923518
    56-60, M
    14 Responses Mar 15, 2008
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