I Will No Longer Date Anyone Who Is On the Rebound

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    I Was A Rebound And It Hurts Like Hell!!

    Hi, yes, Im 40 years of age. Four months ago I had my heart ripped out of my body (it sounds like im a drama queen, and yes, I am, but it literally felt like that). I fell head-over-heels in love with someone who still had his heart in a previous relationship (6 years) as he...
    nayia nayia
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    8 Responses Oct 3, 2012

    Not Interested

    I really hate being the rebound girl.  All the people I have been involved with have just gotten out of a relationship and/or have all this unresolved baggage.  Now, I understand people have baggage, but if you are going through “stuff” or still have...
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    A few years ago I was the rebound person for someone who had just had a breakup. It didn't last long and it hurt, because after he tried to be friends with me again I found out that he 'regretted' the whole thing.
    lntel lntel
    1 Response Nov 28, 2012

    I recently met a great gal.

    Sadly, she never really gave us a chance as she was merely looking for a rebound (unbeknownst to me.) in time, her relationship with her ex will fail yet again but I will not be around this time. It's true that it's her loss but in some part if me I know that it is my loss too.
    cmijo cmijo
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    1 Response Dec 23, 2013

    Never Again...

    Pretty much the only serious relationship I've ever been in was with a girl who happened to break off an engagement a month or so prior to seeing each other. We actually knew each other for a while and I liked her before she broke up with her fiancee, so when things started...
    Army0917 Army0917
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    ...This should be obvious.

    I don't understand why people are just NOW getting this. Someone on the rebound isn't really looking for a true relationship. They needs someone to help them get over the hurt and will most likely take anyone. Once they feel better, they're gone. Now, there are those people...
    RationalCutie RationalCutie
    26-30, F
    Aug 2, 2014

    Brake Up And Make Up From One Day To The Next

     I don't quiet understand how someone can move on so fast. I mean.. you get into an actual relationship because you actually thought about the potential and commitment you would originally have for that person. Monogamy, stability, and all the emotional things that a...
    slickchickeli slickchickeli
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    6 Responses Dec 6, 2009

    Will Make No Exceptions.

    I have all my ducks in a row and am ready to commit.  Why the hell don’t you have your crap together before looking to meet someone else?  Take the time needed to heal otherwise you will end up breaking the heart of a perfectly suited match for you because of...
    Parthenopeaigle Parthenopeaigle
    36-40, F
    Apr 19, 2010

    " I Will No Longer Date Anyone Who Is On the Rebound"

    A bad sign in a new relationship is meeting someone or becoming romantically involved with someone who has just recently broke off another relationship. I have been in this situation a few times over the years and it's a lose lose situation. It should be a dead giveaway when they...
    cmost cmost
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    I'm Just Sick And Tired..

    Its been about 4-5 months since we broke up..he was getting over his ex when we met and used to keep telling its only after 6 months after their break up that he's seeing someone..and eventually he proposed me but knowing his state warned him to take some time off and think clear...
    jane9000 jane9000
    4 Responses Nov 27, 2011

    I've been there, I've done that,

    and it would never work out. Sure it feels good for someone to care about you again after coming from a horrible break up, but in reality this is nothing more than using another person to heal your broken ego. Rebound relationships are selfish and insincere. I don't want to...
    Qtrelle Qtrelle
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    An Interesting Article About Emotionally Damaged Men

    If you can overlook the less than perfect grammar, you will see that the author does possess some insight in this area.  I disagree with  her conclusion, however, that damaged men are responsible for (some) women's promiscuity.   Anyway, a thought-provoking read ....Damaged...
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