I Wish I Could Be a Kid Again

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    No Worries...

    I would love to be a kid again! I had no bills, no problems, no responsibilities and no worries. I had only to worry about my grades and chores. Oh how I long for the old days!
    Duckie77 Duckie77
    26-30, F
    Jan 9, 2008


    I love to play all kinds of games when ever i get the chance to.  Still love to play kickball and anything else I can get others to do.  Love to be chased around and love to do the chaseing
    saggy saggy
    41-45, F
    Jan 7, 2008

    The Good Ol' Days

    I often find myself wishing that I was a little kid again... wishing I had the opportunity to go back and make different decisions... to do things over I know that if I did have that chance, and I did change anything, a lot of things would be different in my life today. And I...
    BeautifulNightmare BeautifulNightmare
    22-25, F
    1 Response May 4, 2008

    Longing For Innocence

    i am 20 now, i recently turned 20. even through my late teen years i wished to be younger, and unlike a lot of people i never wanted to grow up fast. even when i was little i hoped it would last forever, and being grown up seemed so far away. i did not know much about the hate...
    SummerDragonfly SummerDragonfly
    18-21, F
    Jan 8, 2012

    Funny Isn't It...

    When I was still a kid, I wished I could be grown up fast. When I got older, I wish I could be a kid again. I thought growing up would be cool and you get to do everything on your own. No people to control you or to tell you what you should and shouldn't do. Well hell, how wrong...
    amethyst91 amethyst91
    18-21, F
    1 Response Sep 5, 2011

    Not Neccessarily In Elementry School

    Not a baby or anything but young enough to get a fresh start on dating, a fresh start on developing and understanding me. I wish i could push my first time back a couple of years. I wish i could erase some partners and definitely this husband of mine. I hate the way my life has...
    goldie25 goldie25
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Mar 10, 2008


    Yes!The living in the here and now and the joy of just living in that present moment. Not knowing bad stuff that can happen and does happen and will happen!And as a much as I am now a fully fledged 21st Century adult, enjoying all the mod cons and The Age of Technology, there is...
    liguidgold liguidgold
    41-45, F
    May 18, 2011

    Song So True.

    Being a kid was easy. You had it made. Nothing to worry about. And I miss that. And these song lyrics completely fit that. Trace Atkins- Your Gonna Miss This She was staring out the window of their SUV Complaning, saying "I can't wait to turn 18" She said "...
    missashshalee missashshalee
    18-21, F
    May 4, 2008


    I wish I could be that young and innocent again. I grew up way too quickly, and now theres no going back. I love how children don't know all the hate there is in the world, well most anyway. It was such a carefree time. *sigh* I wish I had made the most of my childhood instead of...
    31-35, F
    2 Responses Oct 15, 2007
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