I Wish Money Grew On Trees

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    Money Does Grow On Trees!!!

    Money grows on trees.  Sell the fruits!
    bluemoon143 bluemoon143
    31-35, F
    1 Response Sep 24, 2007

    It Ain't Going To Happen

    Can you Imagine If you could just step outside your door reach up and pick money out of a tree how cool would that be.You would never have to worry about paying them bills ever again you would have to make sure you stocked up for the winter through but that would be no hardship...
    gelroller gelroller
    46-50, M
    1 Response Jul 14, 2012

    Doesn't everyone. I don't need to be rich,

    but it sure would be nice to get things I need when I need them and not have to make do all the time.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response May 25, 2015

    I Wish Money Already Printed Grew On Trees

    In a way money does grow on trees as it's made from paper and paper is made from wood which comes from trees but that paper has to be printed.   If money already printed grew from trees  I'd buy a house and a plaza  and donate some money to the spca. I don't know what I'd do...
    aquarius3 aquarius3
    Mar 10, 2012

    Money Isn't A Problem No Longer!!

    Money?? That is the problem. We have our family to take care, we have school fees to pay, we also have rent to pay!! Everything in our lives involves with money. Why don't we establish a crystal clear target?? You don't get in life what you want but you get in life what you are...
    yilinxx yilinxx
    18-21, F
    Sep 21, 2013

    I Would Be Outside With a Ladd...

    I would be outside with a ladder and my many barrels deligently picking from sunrise to sunset. Perhaps I'd install bright lights for my yard with some of the money so I could pick during the night too. When I got tired of picking I might spend a day or two spending as well...
    sweetd sweetd
    56-60, F
    1 Response Sep 20, 2007

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    GetMePress GetMePress
    Aug 3, 2012

    I'd Plant a Tree Everywhere!!

    but okay...lemme put this out there. Money is paper right? And paper comes from trees. Soooooo [if you think of it in my way] money DOES grow on trees. If I'm wrong someone please tell me before I go on the news or something and tell the world my theory.
    stripesANDsunshine stripesANDsunshine
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jul 31, 2008
    deleted deleted
    Aug 20, 2015


    If that could ever happen then the first thing I would do is to climb the tree get as much money as possible and be in New York right now hehe...
    bluie19 bluie19
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 12, 2011

    Who Doesn't?

    Of course I wish money grew on trees!!  Given my current situation, I wish money grew on ANYTHING!!  Money, Money, Money.....it may be the root of all evil, but it is also the root of food and housing and diapers and clothes and chocolate and all kinds of other daily...
    Twinsmom4 Twinsmom4
    26-30, F
    2 Responses Jan 25, 2008

    Tree For Pm!!!

    Yeah, I wish money grew on tree, but, hey, that would just make things easy for us. But, it could cause something like the war of the trees and global domination for sheep. Or trees. The new prime minister of the Uk could be a tree (better or worse than Blair???) BUt, of course...
    Luangi Luangi
    18-21, F
    Oct 22, 2007

    This Is How I Think It Would Be If Money Grew On Trees

    I betcha if money grew on trees it would be safer for the environment because we wouldn't have to cut down trees to make paper. We could use the money to get the materials to make our own man made paper. Another thing is, there wouldn't be any debt because we would always...
    tampabaybucsfan tampabaybucsfan
    22-25, M
    1 Response Aug 28, 2009

    I have an idea that with enough people backing

    me and a bit of time .. We would all be living the highlife in no time and have all the time in the world to do what we wanted.
    Kaodo Kaodo
    26-30, M
    Sep 3, 2015

    Oh, the Things I Could Do If M...

    Oh, the things I could do if money grew on trees!!!! I could quit stressing about how we're going to pay for our wedding for one thing. I could also go back to school and not worry about how it would affect my future financial situation.
    harleywife harleywife
    26-30, F
    Sep 20, 2007

    I'd cut down all the trees

    and keep it all to myself
    Cocrispy Cocrispy
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Oct 15, 2015

    We Would Not Need It Then

    It would be nice if money grew on trees but if it did then we would not need it anymore.  I could do so much if I had a tree like that.  I know it would not bring my happiness but it would make me more comfortable.  Of course if it ever did none of us would see it...
    rondat rondat
    41-45, F
    Dec 15, 2007

    Imagine that. But if it did.

    Our economy would be crap. It would have no value and I wouldn't have learnt that hardwork gets you places :) so in a way I'm glad it doesn't haha
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 29, 2015

    Hyperinflation... Yuk!

    Hmm, if money grew on all trees there'd be hyperinflation... and no apples, pears etc... Instead, I want money to grew on the tree i my backyard; the there won't be as much inflation :) And I'll be happy :D Except... maybe... the local crime rate will increase drastically, and...
    myspip myspip
    18-21, M
    9 Responses Aug 3, 2007

    Backyard Money Tree!!!

    By: missytiger Written on March 10th, 2012 when i was a little kid I remember asking my father for some money for something, and he would say to me what do you think money grows on trees? As little kid i had no idea where money came from. So i said I don't...
    missytiger missytiger
    61-65, T
    1 Response Aug 10, 2012


    I hope money trees would be evergreen, or else the money would all fall off in the fall.
    RopinTexan RopinTexan
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Nov 12, 2007

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    nronic1 nronic1
    18-21, M
    Jul 3, 2015

    Money Tree Taxes?

    Of course I wish money grew on trees,  but then I wonder who would control the trees.  Would you be taxed on your money tree and then you'd be forced to go underground and plant your trees in hidden rooms with gro-lites?  
    Insomniac Insomniac
    51-55, F
    May 5, 2008

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    yilinxx yilinxx
    18-21, F
    Sep 24, 2013

    If Money Grew On Trees That Wo...

    if money grew on trees that would be freakin sweet. i'm really good with plants, so i'd grow a ton of money real quick. i'd buy everything i've ever dreamed of owning, and my kids would want for nothing.
    antiyou antiyou
    26-30, F
    1 Response Sep 19, 2007
    18-21, M
    Aug 27, 2014

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    nronic1 nronic1
    18-21, M
    Oct 10, 2015

    Money is made of paper,

    paper comes from trees... So in a way it does grow on trees ;)
    Mi5h Mi5h
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 30, 2014

    I am in desperate need of a car!

    Please read my story...i am extremely desperate. gofundme.com/wxvpew
    abis17 abis17
    31-35, F
    Jun 14, 2015

    What If?

    Imagine what would happen if there was a drought....
    betteroffdead betteroffdead
    18-21, M
    1 Response Nov 2, 2007

    It Does

    Well not literatlly. There are some plants that are considered money crops. Most illegal drugs fit this category, so does sugar, soy beans, and corn. These are money crops. You grow them and make lots and lots of money. Marijuana is the best money crop. You can grow it in a...
    4vrUnique 4vrUnique
    1 Response Aug 21, 2010

    The cliche line is money doesn't buy happiness

    but I've came to the conclusion, that when I get older I will need it. After I took a good hard look in the mirror I realized I'll be so happy with much money. I will need money to find myself a wife, because she will not want a guy with little money. I also realized the life I...
    BenedictJones BenedictJones
    16-17, M
    May 23, 2015
    AuntieShani AuntieShani
    36-40, F
    Jul 23, 2014

    Hello there I work as an educator

    and I think the salary is not worth it. I need to pay for my sister's fee, for on-credit motorcycle, for the room that I rent, for food. Besides, I also donate some for my nephew and niece whose father passed away last year. I feel proud as I use the money not only for myself...
    refa refa
    26-30, F
    Feb 18, 2014

    It's not bad to love money,

    that doesn't make you materialistic! You can love money and still be a good person
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jun 22, 2015

    So that everyone would start planting trees,

    care for them,now we are busy finding money else where destroying nature may be this could help after all humans are selfish,we see our benefits,so planting money trees won't be that difficult than planting fruits n flower plants right?
    deleted deleted
    Dec 29, 2015
    spark16 spark16
    26-30, M
    Jun 29, 2015

    Money Now Grows On This Tree~

    I worked as a dialysis technician for almost 6 years and I finally threw in the towel but with style ~ I didn't quit but took a leave of absence ...I love the patients but I just couldn't take waking up 4:00 am any longer to walk three long blocks to catch the bus to go to work...
    Ibelieveinmiracles Ibelieveinmiracles
    22-25, F
    Sep 19, 2012

    If Only...

    I wish I had a tree that always grew money by replacing what I picked every day so I would never run out.  I know it is sad that we want money so badly but let's face it, you need it.  You can not live without it.  And when you are done paying your bills, that is...
    Valentine Valentine
    26-30, F
    1 Response Dec 13, 2007

    It Grows In Extortionate APR Though

    I got some dolla!!! Whoopla! Yes I just got me some money for my flat yay!! Got viewings tommorrow, so should be able to secure something :-) It didn't grown on a tree though. I spent ages looking round willows, blossom, oaks but nothing. But hey I'm gonna get my flat...
    woohoo1991 woohoo1991
    26-30, F
    Aug 12, 2009

    The Money Tree In The Back Yard.

    when i was a little kid I remember asking my father for some money for something, and he would say to me what do you think money grows on trees? As little kid i had no idea where money came from. So i said I don't know does it? My Father being a comedian said actually yes it...
    missygirly missygirly
    56-60, T
    6 Responses Mar 10, 2012

    If Only....

    If only money could grow on trees. What would I do? Well, simply, I would pay off all my debts, buy a house, buy a boat and always go camping! That's my wish but obviously, money doesn't grow on trees. Damn!
    eastsidechick eastsidechick
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Sep 18, 2007

    Do not deny that money controls your life.

    The sooner you realize this the better it is for you. Money is more and more relevant in today's society. There's more **** you can buy with money now then ever before but the poor is getting poorer and the rich richer. This world is ******.
    rememberthattime rememberthattime
    26-30, M
    1 Response Sep 4, 2014


    Cash is made from paper, paper is made from trees!
    FreeFallWall FreeFallWall
    22-25, M
    4 Responses Mar 22, 2011

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    TallRedhead1001 TallRedhead1001
    46-50, M
    1 Response Apr 20
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    TotalVoid TotalVoid
    Apr 19
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    Jfour001 Jfour001
    31-35, M
    Apr 19
    than to fight the war on drugs.What? We might get some warmth out of the burning dollars and heat is energy. which come to think of it the steam could turn a rotary and produce...
    ManifestoOfThePhoenix ManifestoOfThePhoenix
    26-30, M
    Apr 19
    really do need money not just for a laptop and PS4. need money to eat and buy gear to wear. and hot water for I can have a hot shower. hate having cold showers.
    slivereyes slivereyes
    36-40, F
    Apr 19
    My Dad is about to retire soon and I don't have a job. That's pretty bad a situation to be in. I wish I was upper class then money wouldn't be a problem. I have to keep thinking...
    lonelylifeindia lonelylifeindia
    26-30, M
    Apr 18
    waiting for the wish to come true...i had made some frnds on here though still I can't talk to them on ny topic..i wish i had few frnds with whom i can hangout sometimes,talk to...
    MysteriousLion MysteriousLion
    22-25, M
    1 Response Apr 18
    I wish i could have more close friends. I only have 2 best friends. they mean the world to me but they are usally busy with school. I just wish i had someone else to talk to so i...
    Abemonstro Abemonstro
    18-21, M
    6 Responses Apr 18
    If you're reading this and have cancer or know anyone that has cancer then listen closely. Around 1931 Dr. Warburg discovered that cancer can NOT survive in an oxygen rich...
    arhg arhg
    36-40, F
    1 Response Apr 17
    It wud never happen to me In the movie "letters to juliet" They talk about a woman married for 25 years having 10 children and still make "passionate love every night". She is...
    hopelesslyromantic hopelesslyromantic
    26-30, F
    1 Response Apr 16
    Hi dears! When I was child I was always stressed about my parents income. I loved to paint and to write poems and I needed a support. So, when I was 19 I discovered this...
    IndependentGirl97 IndependentGirl97
    18-21, F
    Apr 16
    People say be careful what you wish for. I don't think that's true. I'm wishing for something that won't come true. I want it and wish I had them. It won't happen... They say don't...
    staystyleandsmile staystyleandsmile
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Apr 16
    I have been feeling that yesterday mostly at the end of the day. I wish I had a friend or a group of people who can make me feel better who can hug me and tell me I'm going to be...
    Blueberrybliss Blueberrybliss
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Apr 15
    I really wish i had a magical power to erase and delete thoughts that involve me from brains of known and unknown souls ..i dont want to be remembered by anyone. i wish my name,my...
    trappedwings trappedwings
    26-30, F
    4 Responses Apr 15
    Today I realized I lost the most precious thing I ever had. The love of a great woman. We were so much attracted to each other but I had to do stupid convention able things. Her...
    erotik69 erotik69
    51-55, M
    6 Responses Apr 15
    Being male isn't all it's cracked up to be. I'm stuck, because I've been told point-black I'm not transgender, told I can't try to reapply until I'm 18. The best part? I keep so...
    AsYetNameless AsYetNameless
    13-15, T
    Apr 15
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