I Wish My Dad Was Still Alive

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    My Father Died 3 Years Ago.

    I grew up with my dad for 12 years. When I was told that they found his body somewhere at some construction site. They told me he committed suicide. But i don't believe what they said. They said that he did it to protect us but mainly me. He thought that some how him leaving...
    18-21, F
    Nov 18, 2013

    Missing My Dad

    Its been 10 years +; and it seems like yesterday we were making plans for Christmas for he & Mom to spend it with me, my husband, my daughter, & son. 10 years ago...I got the first call that my Dad was in the hospital emergency room. Apparently, he had lost his balance while...
    alimrjoe alimrjoe
    Dec 8, 2010

    I Still Long For Closure

    My dad passed away 10 years ago but it still hurts so much. Last conversation I had with him was a fight and at night I call out to him just hoping he'll answer back. I wish I could have one last conversation with him at least to say sorry and I wish he had met my son :( I know...
    mrodriguezorta mrodriguezorta
    31-35, F
    Oct 7, 2012

    I Wish My Dad Was Still Alive

    My daddy was murdered last Tuesday morning January 26, 2009 by his very own best friend! I miss him so much! I catch myself thinking oh I better call daddy and tell him that. Everytime my phone rings Im hoping it is him, its like I cant find him. He's just gone. My daddy....GONE...
    anix03 anix03
    5 Responses Feb 6, 2009

    37 years later, you'd think his death wouldn't

    affect me anymore. He committed suicide after battling with bipolar disorder, and I have spent my life battling depression. What I wouldn't give to hear, "I'm proud of you, son", or even just, "Youre're not alone".
    kalios kalios
    41-45, M
    2 Responses Aug 28, 2014

    I Wish My Father Was Still Alive

    I wish my father was still living. He died 9 years ago and it feels like it was  hours ago. He died from a Horrible Disease that took him to quickly. After being diagnosed he only lived for 6 months. I love him so much and wish he was still alive to walk me down the Aisle on...
    swatches swatches
    41-45, F
    2 Responses Feb 6, 2009

    I Miss You Dad

    I miss my dad so much He died july 13th 2010 5 months ago he was murderd :-(
    jessynpton1uk jessynpton1uk
    1 Response Jan 5, 2011
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