I Wish People Would Be More Responsible About Protection

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    "who Cares You Only Live Once," About His Not Getting Checked Out For V.d.

    I had a boyfriend last year for a few months and when it came time for us to be together we were protected...on my insistence.  The next time I was checking him out with my hand if you know what I mean and felt a bump!  He tried to pawn it off as a scar he had for years and...
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    Nov 24, 2015

    Finally Found A Place Where I Can Put This !!!!

    So I had a former friend sometime ago when I met him he was 22 I believe obsessed with girls and **** that's fine neither are my cup of tea lol...but he was always having sex with random girls he would meet on the chat line in our town I remember telling do what ever you choose...
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    Two Minutes, Tops

    I hate comdoms, but I know how effective they are. For a long time, I had a girlfriend that was on the pill and we ****** all the time without putting one on. We never had a pregnancy scare (none I knew of anyway) and we didn't have to stop to wrap my **** in a piece of nearly...
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    Just Do It

    Protection isn't just to prevent pregnancy, it also helps to prevent getting an STD. Protection during sex is a matter of protecting yourself and every aspect of your life. I'm well aware of the fact that birth control isn't 100% and that's all the more reason to take precaution...
    vinividivici21 vinividivici21
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    Cannot Understand Why

    I was just bumming through EP and saw an experience about having an abortion. Suddenly I really wasn't having fun and I clicked on a story, then another, then another. I began to cry from the first story. I absolutely CANNOT understand why people are so careless about birth...
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    So Right On This One

    I mean come on how hard is it to put a little piece of rubber on a guy.. Not that very hard... I know some girls don't care about protection... I don't really understand that... But when they do get pregnant and don't want the child and abort it then I always want to ask them...
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    Condoms, Pills,rings, Shots, Diaphrams I Don't Care Take Your Pick.

    Not only does protection protect you from disease and infection, but can also protect you from having a child. I KNOW you know...so why am I telling you this? Well because I think people focus way too much on only one of the benefits of contraception either to prevent pregnancy...
    superwhatsherface superwhatsherface
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    Keep Your Hat On

    I always make sure I have a condom in my wallet, and always put one when I don't know the woman I'm with too well. I only have had sex one time without a condom, but it wasn't my fault, the girl I was with suddenly took the condom off my ****. It was a really a bad experience...
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    Proof We Need Chlorine In The Gene Pool

    Seriously I hate when people screw irresponsibly. Unfortunately, us responsible folks use caution, yet the morons breed.
    sh3d3vil sh3d3vil
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    Feb 15, 2012
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