I Wonder If True Love Really Exists

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    Would Have To Say Yes

    but think you only find it once and if something happens it never comes back we did not losss our to cheating or any of the other reasons so many people do i lose my first love to death she was killed on 1/14/1967 and her mother took her own life thinking the 2 kids she...
    rickibrat2 rickibrat2
    61-65, M
    Jun 12, 2011

    Not For Me

    We are all such selfish creatures and don't often know how to love others and yet sometimes my heart feels close to bursting with a sense of love for people - until, that is, a person who is driving too slow is in front of me and then the love evaporates and I think, "...
    sophiabeldris sophiabeldris
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Jan 27, 2009

    Love Or Obsession?

    I think my views on 'love' borders on obsession which I don't really think is all that healthy. I guess growing up watching the likes of Sex and the City, my ideas about love are a little idealistic and perhaps even fantastical therefore, even at my age, with each relationship I...
    LeaveAndTakeMeWithYou LeaveAndTakeMeWithYou
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Oct 10, 2008

    Yes It Exists

    but not all by itself. It takes the knowledge and skills to nurture and maintain it or it will fade and die as with most folks 'true love' check out http://www.kalimunro.com/tips_self-love.html then google relationship skills
    jimrich jimrich
    70+, M
    Feb 23, 2011

    I heard somewhere that we were made

    as a man and a woman as one, but we were too powerful that way, so "they" split us up and that's where soulmates come from... It's weird to think about, I mean it's not possible in a sciency way but... Yeah
    deleted deleted
    Nov 2, 2014

    I don't think there is any type of word,

    or song to describe it,its just insane how someone can love a person then someone else comes along and captures their soul and heart.right in front of you, then there is nothing you can do about it..but just sit there and watch and wonder what could you have done to be better..
    MyraTomPhil MyraTomPhil
    26-30, F
    Sep 12, 2015

    Watching 13 Going On 30

    Juvenile, I know. But seriously. Does love actually happen like that? If so, then why can't I have that? I find myself knit picking at every guy I date. Then I break up with them over the very same reason that I fell for them. It makes no sense. It's like they say, you always...
    Hirhi Hirhi
    26-30, F
    Sep 7, 2013

    I don't think I have ever found it,

    or know what true love is. If I ever found it, I would want to hold hands with her through old age, would be a one woman man, and want her to be truly happy.
    1niceguy4u 1niceguy4u
    51-55, M
    Sep 15, 2015

    It Might- But Not In Sight

    Eh another story, another heartfelt story, that might get comments, but so far my luck is that people do not read my stories or if they do they do no comment. Anywayz.....love what is it? An emotion? A spark between two people? A sexual encounter? A feeling towards others with...
    startingpointguard33 startingpointguard33
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Oct 21, 2012

    It's amazing how something u never had hope in

    actually happened I actually have a chance with him now.. ❤️
    Hazel888 Hazel888
    16-17, F
    Oct 31, 2014

    I Know It Exists... Wonder If It Strikes More Than Once

    I believe True love exists. I have had it, held it and felt it.I know that it exists. I would never trade anything for the love I shared with my True Love. Unfortunatly Cancer took him away from me. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on him I loved him. We loved eachother despite...
    mommatrish mommatrish
    46-50, F
    1 Response Apr 28, 2008
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