I Wonder Why I Am Here

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    Am I not deserving enough just to hava a taste

    of happiness with some1 tat i love? Why am i still single? Why am I still here brooding over the past, thinking of him knowing that we are not fated to be together. Why am I here in the first place? Am i being brougt to this world Just to see others having tat special some1...
    NamiNasz NamiNasz
    36-40, F
    Apr 9, 2014

    And So...

     .. Again, nothing. Everywhere I go. I put in "5 Things About Me" tha I "love heavy metal music" and got plunked into some obscure group that says the very same thing.  .. I didn't come here to talk about head-banging, for srying out loud! And so...
    RoKuSis RoKuSis
    46-50, M
    2 Responses Nov 12, 2008

    Dont We All.. But Few Fall

    i always wonder why im here. For one reason or another inadequency is natural. We all never know our true role
    mandytap mandytap
    22-25, F
    1 Response Nov 6, 2011

    So we all came here for a particular reason.

    Either to vent about something, seek advice, find likeminded individuals, etc. The question is, once that issue is resolved or that question is answered, do you stay. Like most people I came here for one thing and traveled all over the place for reasons only God knows. As my...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Aug 26, 2015

    How does it go? " I was seduced then betrayed

    by a wealthy scoundrel" And this is what happened!
    picklebobble picklebobble
    51-55, M
    1 Response Aug 27, 2015

    I quite often wonder

    why myself, the reasons i started, are not the reasons why i remain, shall i just quit... or maybe just restart all over again a new profile, with my new feelings and desires... yes its true, sometimes life deals you a card that says. hey thats not really who you wanna be...
    deleted deleted
    Aug 28, 2015
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