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    I Work A Lot Lately

    I haven't had on my normal clothes for 2 weeks, just my working clothes and at night nothing
    memyself4u memyself4u
    22-25, M
    Mar 7, 2013

    The guy that trained me,

    my senior colleague & working partner, handed in his notice at work yesterday! I'm a little worried cause he was my go too guy, my back up & fall back guy. I relied on him for support and advice & now his leaving so it's just me now with double the workload! I feel stressed...
    paudc90 paudc90
    26-30, M
    May 21, 2014

    I woke up workin like im Mexican.

    That mean I work from 10-10. Then 10-10, then 10 again. Nightmares of losing everything boost my adrenaline.
    TheOnetheOnly8414 TheOnetheOnly8414
    22-25, M
    Jul 6, 2015

    i hate being a slave,

    its high time i became rich as ****
    deleted deleted
    Mar 29, 2014

    They hired a new guy.

    Something about the way he acts, talks. So smooth. He's neat, tattoos and all the girls are swooning over him. There's a bad boy in him and we can sense it.
    UnfortunateCookie UnfortunateCookie
    41-45, F
    Nov 19, 2014
    Lixue Lixue
    18-21, F
    Jul 30, 2015

    Working At Gamestop

    Now I've been working at GameStop for about a year and cents. I went to through managers in at least five employees of different rank. I've been working my *** off doing countless overnights and yet still have not been promoted. I'm not going to say that I was the "perfect...
    TheKingsFool TheKingsFool
    26-30, M
    Aug 9, 2013

    and I love it....I think this country has spent

    too much time trying to "Hack" everything and find shortcuts.Not enough people are willing to bust their *** to get ahead in life.Hard work has given me everything in life and is providing my family with a life of opportunities.I didn't achieve any of my success by hacking a...
    TornSoul13 TornSoul13
    36-40, M
    Mar 28, 2015

    My coworker wants to call me skillet!

    He said it's an adorable nickname lmao!!! Since I've named him Cat Man he thought Cat Man and Skillet sounded awesome. I feel like he is weird. This is my everyday life situation at work lol
    KristyGoesRoar KristyGoesRoar
    26-30, F
    Oct 12, 2014

    I love my job. But I hate every minute I'm

    away from home. I hate being away so much. It sucks.
    thatonewoman thatonewoman
    31-35, F
    Feb 3, 2015

    All I do is to work. I'm 17

    and work for my parents. I get paid pretty good for guess but it's hard to stay motivated when your life revolves around work... I really have no time for myself and when I do find time for myself it's cut short cus they're so ****** strict Long story short, **** my life
    deletedprofile821 deletedprofile821
    22-25, M
    Apr 17, 2015

    Ever had that day where you are

    so furious at some people?
    craigysezhi craigysezhi
    26-30, M
    Jun 18, 2014

    I have to go into work at 5:00

    and it's already 4:40 and I'm still in bed well guess who's going to be late today again :| oh well lol
    notgranted42 notgranted42
    18-21, F
    Feb 23, 2016

    In these weeks I'n working Very hard

    and so much, I'm trying to improve myself and, maybe, show to the others that I want something more! I hope it will worth it!!
    MrZenigata MrZenigata
    26-30, M
    1 Response Mar 3, 2015

    I Love My Job.

    I work at a UPS Store. I help manage it with a friend of mine, so Its a nice friendly environment, which rubs off on our coworkers. It can be lots of fun, but its still work. We do a third of our business in December, Im sure you can imagine why. So Im really looking forward to...
    RachelHueT RachelHueT
    18-21, F
    Nov 10, 2007

    I've worked for more

    than half my life continuously. In a strange way has helped secure my future but looking back, regret many of the sacrifices I've made. I've missed out on family time, times where you should spend with your kids before they grow up, or time with your parents before they grow...
    666Charmed 666Charmed
    51-55, F
    Nov 30, 2014

    Recent Advents

    I was recently put in charge of of, what effective boils down to an 'entire branch' of the company... here's the catch...  I have never done this kind of work before!  So in the midst of trying to learn how to be a leader, I also have to learn all the ins and outs of...
    Elf Elf
    26-30, M
    Oct 26, 2007

    I love my job but hate going to pointless

    meetings. Just been in a pokey room with sweaty people for three hours. I was dying for a pee and couldn't stop yawning lol.
    JemmimaS JemmimaS
    41-45, F
    Aug 6, 2014

    I Need A Day Of Friday :)

    Yesterday my girl send me a card with red roses and today she called me to say that she is coming home from her worktrip this thursday!! I can't hardly wait to see her......i feel like the first time i kissed her,i was so nervous back then untill i kissed her all my nervs...
    memyself4u memyself4u
    22-25, M
    Mar 12, 2013

    Who wants to keep me company

    when I'm at work tonight? I work 11pm-5am. Message me.
    deleted deleted
    Jan 23, 2015

    Ugh. So tired from work!

    I just need a nice hot bath with my favourite bath bombs relax, have a cup of tea and go to bed 😊😉
    divababy divababy
    22-25, F
    Feb 23, 2014

    Work A Lot

    Work a lot,Do indeed,In fact,Too much,When's it gonna end?
    storywriter2 storywriter2
    Jul 4, 2012

    2:30 am just got back from working at the bar,

    can't really be fuked with anything but a long warm bath and then my comfy bed and a good movie to fall asleep to. If only I had a pair of arms to fall asleep in, as well. We don't always get what we want I suppose.
    divababy divababy
    22-25, F
    Mar 2, 2014

    Late Nights

    Twas another long weekend of working the bar.  Glancing back on it, it seems like more than just a few days, and very little like a weekend.  Nonetheless, during those many hours on my feet, I experienced moments of warm bliss the likes of which only those that have...
    juan1966 juan1966
    46-50, M
    5 Responses Nov 23, 2009

    I've been working non stop

    since being a senior in college. After I graduated I wasn't able to get a job in my field but I kept working to support myself. At the end of this year I would have graduated college two years ago. Wow!
    krazykaylove krazykaylove
    22-25, F
    Feb 28, 2015

    So I have my first job,

    and I've had it for like 10 months. It's fun, everyone loves me, and I got a whole quarter raise while everyone else got a dime. So I'm good at it. But I work long shifts. Like, 9-10 hour shifts. Yesterday I worked for 14 hours and it was exhausting, but worth it.
    Fuerst1 Fuerst1
    18-21, M
    Jun 23, 2014
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