I Worry About Human Overpopulation

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    Forget About...

    Forget about 2012, asteroids, magnetic poles inversion, ozone layer, super volcanoes, green house gases, global warming and all that. Humans will be the death of humans. Most probably before an external event takes care of us. Population explosion will be the end of our race...
    airfilibabik airfilibabik
    51-55, M
    1 Response Feb 12, 2011

    Too Many People

    I may be showing my age saying this, but when I was born, there were only one billion people on this planet that we call Earth. Yes, that was 60 years ago. Now there are an estimated six or seven billion people, the last time I knew. Anymore when people say they want kids I...
    IanMatthew IanMatthew
    56-60, M
    2 Responses Sep 17, 2010

    The Usa Has At Least 200 Million Surplus People, Possibly 250 Million ...

    The USA has at least 200 million surplus people, possibly 250 million ...And I am not pulling this out of hat.Canada only has 32 millions, and can't really support many more.The US with its better climate cannot really support more than 2x that of Canada.Any modest natural...
    deleted deleted
    Feb 27, 2011

    When The World Was Young

    This morning, Tuesday, my calendar shows 22 October 2013 C.E., "C.E." meaning "of the Common Era." When I was a boy, people said A.D., meaning "after Christ," but that's become politically incorrect, I guess. It might offend someone---someone who isn't a Christian. Yesterday I...
    Seiler Seiler
    56-60, M
    Oct 22, 2013

    Because War Will End It.

    I worry that Human Overpopulation is going to be the main reason for everyone to die at the end. Too many people and only one world. We are a parasite and we know it. We kill everything by masses including ourselfs. Maybe if we make it to the point we can leave planet earth I...
    26-30, M
    2 Responses Mar 6, 2011

    “Unlimited population growth cannot be

    sustained; you cannot sustain growth in the rates of consumption of resources. No species can overrun the carrying capacity of a finite land mass. This Law cannot be repealed and is not negotiable.” Dr. Albert Bartlett, http://www.albartlett.org , University of Colorado, USA.
    Dowhackado Dowhackado
    51-55, M
    Dec 4, 2015

    One of My Only Fears

    Pertains to human overpopulation.   There are 6.4 billion people on this planet when the last census was taken. I'd say atleast 100 million have been born since then, so lets round it up to 7billion. You have a survival/reprodsuction rate of 70% meaning 70% of all current...
    MrMacabre MrMacabre
    70+, M
    Jul 26, 2009

    What Happened To Easter Island

    I was in class today and we learned about Easter Island. Now, I have been worried about human overpopulation for some time. I think a great example as to why this is would have to be the end of Easter Island. Basically, things were great until all the trees were cut down and food...
    AzaleaElise AzaleaElise
    26-30, F
    1 Response Nov 15, 2010

    In the Name of Human Survival

    It makes me very sad to hear day after day about some new natural resource or animal that is being killed off/reduced from human activity. It's ALL is caused by human overpopulation and irresponsibility. Yet somehow, overpopulation is not an issue that is taken seriously. God...
    veebee522 veebee522
    11 Responses Sep 10, 2009

    Human Overpopulation

    This world that we live on has natural limits that the human population is radically exceeding. We are destroying the environment, natural habitats, depleting resources etc. We are also working against our own personal liberties. The more humans there are, the more "...
    JeremyNTroy JeremyNTroy
    31-35, M
    13 Responses Jun 28, 2009

    Overpopulation Myth

    Stop beating yourself and others up worrying about a problem that doesn't exist. Overpopulation is a modern day myth that a lot of people are just buying into. Please read this article: http://www.albalagh.net/population/overpopulation.shtml
    BluOmni BluOmni
    31-35, F
    5 Responses Jul 8, 2010

    Humans are parasites.

    .we suck everything good out of this world, and take more and more from mother Earth faster than "she" can replenish it. We are cruel; apathetic; and lazy. Perhaps we deserve to go.
    Smoray100 Smoray100
    26-30, F
    1 Response Jul 2, 2014
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