I Worry About My Children

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    Mothering Is Hard.

    I'm here today reading notes written by one of my children, who is on the verge of adulthood.  The stories are interesting; some are outright lies.  He's trying to project a slightly bad-boy image.  At the same time, he has some very sensitive ones and says some...
    mags mags
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    2 Responses Jan 4, 2008

    They Fear Nothing!

    I have a two year daughter.  Two boys, four and ten.My ten year old, I swear, is half monkey - that kid has been climbing everything before he could even walk.  Just today I found him sitting on top of the swings at the local park...the kid literally, somehow, climbed up a...
    NoGodsNoMasters NoGodsNoMasters
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    Mar 18, 2011

    They have no manners.

    They don't care about the feelings if others. They're selfish. I am good to them. Kind, friendly, nice, fair and am a good example of what I try to teach. They behave like they grew up in jail. Amazing. I don't like who they are. If they weren't mine I'd never let them near...
    LifeDispenser LifeDispenser
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    Oct 3, 2014

    I worry about my children.

    I guess this is pre teen stage. I wish someone would support me too.
    Berryqueen Berryqueen
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    2 Responses Apr 23, 2014

    It's never been harder to keep a job

    or a roof over your head. Now that they're all parents and having to cope with all that too, you can't help but worry!
    picklebobble picklebobble
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    1 Response Oct 3, 2014

    The Worrying Never Ends!!

    As many of you know my oldest son just graduated from high school and I just returned from Alabama.A few months ago he received a full scholarship to Alabama state to play football.2 weeks before his graduation he began to have other thoughts about his future.He wants to go to a...
    diamond33 diamond33
    1 Response Jun 7, 2008


    Yesterday my daughter told me "Some of the seventh graders are cutting." On her face was a bit of an alarmed, sad expression.I asked how she knew that, and she said it was on her Instagram and that her friends were talking about it. I said - "You mean the person who was cutting...
    Fallflower Fallflower
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    8 Responses Apr 5, 2013
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