I Would Like To Meet A Nephilim

Half angel, half human...good stuff 13 People

    Nephilim They Are Beautiful

    The Nephilim (the singular form is Naphil), also called "Watchers," are a biblical antediluvian race said to be born from the "daughters of men" and the "Sons of God." A reference to them is made in Genesis 6:1-7. Nephilim is usually translated into "fallen ones." There is much...
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    ur Lucky Day Guys

    hey guys its ur lucky day... nephilim here :/ lifes not actually great atm for me :/ wings havent come yet and i havent met my real parents :/ but i am truly nephilim im not jking i really am nephilim :/ so hey
    strawe2 strawe2
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    Fallen Angel Babies...

    Okay I read up about them and they were apparently the offspring of the fallen angels and women on earth, thus producing hideous offspring, namely the giants of the old time, so no, on second thought, i wont like to meet them,lol.
    Gaspar1111 Gaspar1111
    31-35, M
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