I Would Like to Meet Ep Members Who Speak In Tongues

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    My Experience With Speaking In Tongues

    I was at a Shakarian meeting in Oakland, CA (with Spiro and Peggy). I walked up to be prayed for, for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit felt like warm caramel spilling into my spirit. Speaking in tongues became very familiar to me pretty easily. I had no fear...
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    Yes! :) I Have The Gift Of Tongues Hallelujah!

    I beleive all Christians need the Impartation Gift of "Tongues" as it is the "Prayer language" between us and Jesus also spoken in the Heavenlies It is Effective also in "Warfare" as well It has Power and Authourity as the Devil cant interpret it Hallelujah!! :) It actually has...
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     Does anyone even visit this group?
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    This Is My Number 3 Group

    My number one group is "I am a son of God with all power".  Speaking in tongues is proof that I am a "son of God with all power" and a "joint heir with Christ" (as in Romans 8:15 thru 17.   I felt that "valuing Honesty greatly...
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    This Is Something I'd Like to Know About

      As a Roman Catholic I never heard anything about this.  There has to be more about God than just going to Mass every Sunday and confession once every few months. 
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    It Would Be Nice

    if someone beside myself were in this group.
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    Praying In The Spirit In Other Tongues

    I pray and sing in other tongues. It is the language of the Holy Spirit, but God gives the gift for it to be interpreted by humans. Sometimes I start praying in my understanding, and I am then praying in tongues, or I can start in tongues and pray into my understanding. In the...
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    I'm One Who Does...

    ...so if you want to talk to somebody about it, I'm willing. For me being a "tongues-speaker" is not as important as being a Full Gospel Christian. And being a Full Gospel Christian is not as important as being an evangelical Christian. And being an evangelical Christian is not...
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     How can I keep this group alive?
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    I Had Never Heard Of This Until It Happened To Me.

    I was going through difficult times, my son was just an infant. I would spend time praising God. One day I was crying out to Him, I was very emotional. The most amazing thing happened. The Lord filled me with His spirit, and I began to speak in tongues. I still do, I need to take...
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    Language Of The Spirit

    I came to Christ when I was twenty years old. I was very stiff-necked towards the idea of God before that for years. I attended a church in Toledo, OH when an evangelist was there to speak. He gave a very spirit-filled message and then asked everyone to stand out in the aisle...
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    Or Who (want to)

    want to speak in tongues
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