I Would Say This to Bulimia

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    Dear My Worst Enemy

    I want to hate you so badly, but I know you came into my life to show me I need to shift my thoughts and energy or I would lose my life. I believe you came into my life so that when I did recover, I came out more confidence than I've ever had in my life. I let you consume two...
    missyspeaks93 missyspeaks93
    31-35, F
    3 Responses Apr 14, 2013

    Dear Mia...

    I used to think i was better than you. I used to think you were just a weak part of me that I could turn on and off at will, that I could use while I needed to get skinny and then stop using forever. But you were so clever. Your ideas were so seductive. You made me think that the...
    Liptongal Liptongal
    18-21, F
    May 7, 2012

    What Would I Say to Bulmia If It Were Sitting In the Chair Next to Me?

    If bulimia was in the chair next to you what would you say?  Would you scream, cry, whisper, or shout?  What would you say to Bulimia if it has touched the life of you, your sister, mother, daughter?  It's your chance to get it off your chest!
    sarahclimber sarahclimber
    22-25, F
    4 Responses Nov 6, 2007

    My Monkey...

    i'd like to say so many things to my monkey, if she was a person infront of me, i'd want to scream and shout at her for taking over my life! however i'd like to thank her for her support and understanding through all the pain and heartache! i used ot belive she was good for me...
    MonkeyGenie MonkeyGenie
    18-21, F
    May 3, 2008

    Dear Bulimia,

    thanks for ruining my life. I hate you.
    nemebo nemebo
    Aug 23, 2011

    I Wish Someone Had Warned Me About You.

    If i could have the chance to speak with Bulimia, I would ask why noone warned me that it would make me ugly, and take complete control over my life.
    jadorexlesxetoiles jadorexlesxetoiles
    May 15, 2008

    Ask why?

    Why you won't come to me. Why you won't appear in my life. Oh, my life is miserable without meeting you. I try to see you, but you never come. :(
    LoveLindseyMusic420 LoveLindseyMusic420
    18-21, F
    Aug 24, 2009

    You Promised You Would Save Me

    from my thoughts, from my pain, from my hatred of myself. And you did. I loved you for it, but I hate you even more for it. For taking the way the only hope I ever had of a 'normal' life, for crushing my confidence, my dreams and taking over my world for the past nine years, I...
    CattyR CattyR
    1 Response Sep 8, 2008


    I hate that I let you consume me for over 10 years , you made me believe I needed you to be beautiful and I'm so happy I am leaving you behind you will no longer be a part of me just a memory in the past
    jakobsmommy0513 jakobsmommy0513
    Aug 31, 2012

    Is This Really Still Happening?

    I grew up with a mother who insisted that she was fat and ugly, and no matter how hard she tried, she could not lose weight. And she was terribly depressed for much of my childhood. Because of this I am terrified of gaining weight. I know it's irrational. I know that people CAN...
    sunny186 sunny186
    22-25, F
    1 Response Oct 13, 2009

    I Would Say This to Bulimia

    I hate you for making me feel like I need you. I hate you for stealing my money. I try not to care what you have to say to me but it is hard. I wish I never met you. I wish I never flirted with your ways. I don't actually focus on my weight, I focus on the habits you...
    edm74 edm74
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Feb 19, 2009

    Thank You

    For getting me through the day For making me feel pure For giving me goals to strive for, things to achieve For being my little secret For giving me back control For helping me become delicate, gentle, free, floating For destroying my stomach, teeth and heart. For making...
    Tesse Tesse
    18-21, F
    Apr 2, 2008

    I Would Say...

    I hate you and at the same time love you.I dont wont you around anymore but cant see my life without you.Wont you ever leave?! or am i stuck with you for good!?You've ruined my life, completely turned it upside down, but im scared to back, but dont wont to keep going forward...
    hayley112 hayley112
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jan 14, 2012

    **** you. You started to creep up in my life

    ever so slowly. Pretty soon you became the most important part(s) of my day. I ******* HATE how you take away my presence when I'm around my friends and family. You take up all the space in my mind. You ruined so many relationships because you needed to be at the forefront...
    deleted deleted
    Jul 15, 2015

    I Would Say

    Thanks for: Giving me a distraction, something to think about when times get bad Administering the perfect amount of guilt to keep me moving forward Never letting me give up on you or giving up on me Keeping me sane and keeping me grounded Taking care...
    brighteyed brighteyed
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Feb 21, 2008

    I'm not going to dignify you with a *******

    nickname. You are not cute, beautiful, or romantic. You are destroying my life. My relationships. But I can't get rid of you. Even though I know you're slowly killing me.... I just... Can't. *******. Stop.
    LoserMaterial LoserMaterial
    18-21, F
    Jun 22, 2015

    I Want You Back

    Dear Mia You enslaved me but I want you back, so badly.  I cannot cope in the same way without you.  I want to feel your arms around me once more as you guide me from others.  I want to purge the pain of the past through cleansing my body of all the rot and food...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Sep 29, 2008

    It Feels Like A Prison Sentance Going On 6 Years Now...

    I was always an overweight child, tormented everyday because i wasnt your average stick figure kid. Finally before highschool i began working out and eating better at 14. I lost 50 pounds that summer...then when i got to highschool one of the first comments i heard was "wow...
    MeganShaylinn MeganShaylinn
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Jan 14, 2011

    My Worst Enemy

    not only have you conquered my life, but you have ill-fated me for the rest of time. I carry a big secret and burden with me every day and even subconciously am haunted by your disgusting spell over me when my nightmares consist of eating too much and not being able to purge it...
    whysocompulsed whysocompulsed
    3 Responses Oct 17, 2010

    ****. You! It started off

    so well... I thought I could stop you at any time! I thought I was doing the right thing by giving in to you, I was losing weight and it felt so... easy. But you've ruined my life, I can't eat properly anymore, if I eat even a little too much then I almost throw up and often do...
    LukasMeoww LukasMeoww
    18-21, T
    Sep 6, 2015

    My Friend Mia

    Wow, this is difficult to write. I have been "well" for over 10 years, mostly . It is very difficult to express the feelings that come when thinking about my long relationship with Mia. I thought she was my friend. She was such a close friend that I fought hard and...
    ColorMeReal ColorMeReal
    41-45, F
    4 Responses Nov 25, 2007

    Can't Let You Go.

    Bulimia, you have taken so much from me these past to years. you have taken my confidence, my happiness, and love for food. I hate you so ******* much and I want you to leave me the hell alone. I want you to go!!! But I can't let you go because you have become a big part of me...
    shakenintonothing shakenintonothing
    22-25, F
    Feb 22, 2012

    Coming Out? In a Sense.

    It started over a year ago. I've always been concerned about my weight, even though most people would say that i am the perfect size. I played sports in high school and never thought about how i looked. Now that I'm in college it is all i think about. I'm not involved in sports...
    happyfeet21 happyfeet21
    2 Responses Apr 1, 2008
    kayelani kayelani
    18-21, F
    1 Response Jun 9, 2014

    Dear Bulimia,

    It's been a while. Remember that time I wrote about you? In my journal? I remember the beginning of the passage perfectly because that first sentence haunted me for so long afterwards: **I have been throwing up for 90 consecutive days.** And then my mom found it. "MOM! What...
    nmel nmel
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jan 13, 2011

    i want my ******* life back!

    i don't need you anymore, there ain't no more space for you- **** off!
    ochsgrochs ochsgrochs
    26-30, M
    Sep 22, 2015
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