I Write Compulsively

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    In the words of the great Charles Bukowski, one should only write if it comes "unasked", out of their heart, their mind, and their gut. I write because I can't stop myself.  I write because I feel it is essential to my being.  I don't write for an audience...
    bextacy bextacy
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Dec 3, 2007

    Notebooks Filled With Thoughts

    Ever since I wa 13 I have written down my thoughts on notebooks and in them. Some are little descriptions I like while others are stories. Whenever I have an idea that pops in my head I jote it down. I must have nearly 30 note books not all of them filled but almost half are.
    Shychicky53 Shychicky53
    22-25, F
    Aug 31, 2011


    You wouldn't believe the array of words that run through my mind,demaning, asking, begging, pleading for that page of the notebookthe hands, they're always frantically searching for that pen,one click and I'm awayburied in the words soaring through my mind and diving onto my page...
    WiltingBlossom WiltingBlossom
    18-21, F
    May 20, 2011

    When I Am Bored

    i will wright about all kinds of things.some  that i mightr not otherwise.either way ,it helps get out some of my anger and frustration at the world.
    ghostofmyself ghostofmyself
    3 Responses Apr 24, 2009

    Writing Compulsively

    Sometimes you have to find it. You're not sure if it's in there then slowly it trickles out, oozing forth and consuming like a growing wet spot that suddenly tickles your rear end. Sometimes you have to bargain and coax it out of you to sit there and make it happen. No excuses...
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    4 Responses Aug 15, 2011

    All My Life...

    I've written all of my life;  Loving the images that float through my mind as I write and read.  Loving the texture that the words add to the image that paint, ink, canvas, paper, or anything can't do.  I've always wanted to be a writer, but I can never stay...
    ecbarre ecbarre
    22-25, F
    Dec 2, 2009


    I write everyday, in little notebooks that I hide around my room. I write short stories and poems and little journal entries, compile lists of my favorite books, albums, etc. definitely it's a compulsive urge to do so most of the time; i write in small letters and try to...
    thelastday thelastday
    26-30, M
    1 Response Feb 16, 2011
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