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    Waves Like people Reach you and

    withdraw Grains of truth Words sketched in sand Disappearing, disappear Lapping up memories I love the waves
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Feb 19, 2016

    We walk tiny, winding streets,

    Criss crossed by rippling canals that hold up Greystone bridges, graced with baskets of Flowers that cling to railings and Overflow with candy colored blooms. Our fingers touching each one as we Meander by and play silent harp With their aromas and velveteen petals. Water...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Mar 12, 2016

    The Color Red: I am the light.

    .. I am the sun... There is warmth and beauty inside..Inspiring the intellectual minds. What is the unknown? Is it empty space? Rain? Or endless mystery? No one may ever know. Power and consumption of greed takes control. How will I get out of this mess? My life is spiraling out...
    SuckerPunch35 SuckerPunch35
    16-17, F
    Apr 3, 2016

    I hate you You made me question my very

    existence unknowingly unwittingly giving in Accepting defeat before war drowning in fear breathing in hate learned before I was taught learned to hate myself don’t believe what the mirror says you’re blind you aren’t good enough yes, yes spit out burning lies more, more...
    Smileydork Smileydork
    16-17, F
    Apr 11, 2016

    Disturbing candle flame flickers warm

    glow shadow pastel movements seeing you sleeping softly gently move in beside you hardly a sound hold you so close surround you arm around you, hold your hand you hardly stir, smile gives you away your eyes do not open, i whisper, i say... hand glides effortlessly down...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    1 Response Mar 3, 2016

    12am Staring at the wall Shaking,

    blood dripping Feeling so empty No longer caring The pills are gone And so is a heart beat
    Timelord1702 Timelord1702
    18-21, F
    Oct 8, 2015

    Title: Mirrors Under a microscope I be How

    can I get out , When I cannot see? No window or no door What it is that I am looking for? I want it all to go away Not for an hour, but at least a day The pressures of being perfect But I ask myself is if really worth it? The tears I've cried The lies that thrived I am a...
    ShawnaMae123 ShawnaMae123
    18-21, F
    Mar 15, 2016

    Why Why do you hurt her ,

    does it feel good do you not see that a word hits harder what do you gain, to see the one you supposedly love in pain are you any more a man just because you don't raise a hand. do you not see the woman you have turned into a little girl again. do you think you...
    love2suckle love2suckle
    46-50, M
    3 Responses Jun 20, 2015

    Over and over its constant voices,

    voices, voices Crowds of police why is it my name they're calling Gave me a blow to my head, that's first degree concussion I'm mentally disabled, ignore me and this discussion My mind's cracking, elevation to a whole other frequency Where's my mind leveled, far from...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Feb 15, 2016

    The light goes out When you're not here The

    light goes out a sentence has no meaning When you're not here With someone else My heart lies cold No feeling When you're not here My restless soul In torment waits for you When you're not here The spring is dry I am the arid land When you're not here Love lies...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Mar 25, 2016

    into my arms soft she fell,

    like the caress of a sultry moon lost in the naked kiss of a longing twilight into my arms soft she fell --
    BlackCatBoy BlackCatBoy
    46-50, M
    1 Response Oct 3, 2015

    I wrote a poem a while ago

    and it´s....not bad. So I though "why not put it up here"? And that´s what I´m about to do :P One day there was A small little bird Adoring its cage And hating the world It had everything But it couldn´t dream It forgot how to fly But it wouldn´t scream One day the...
    ell0bee ell0bee
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 4, 2016

    If I say a word, I'll be misunderstood,

    so talking doesn't do me much good. If I were you I'd try to see, that others might be different than me. You think that we are all the same to you my struggles are just a game and you're determined to win this time who cares if you ruin some lives down the line I gave you my...
    maybemaybenotwhat maybemaybenotwhat
    36-40, F
    Mar 21, 2016

    Lost at sea, I'm everywhere 

    I'm somewhere 
I'm wanting you, you're out there 
Around around I swear, you're somewhere out there
grief and loss I've been beaten 
Down the waves, I've been hit
I found you, but I had to lose my way
Right down there, right below I join you Finally, lost at sea, I...
    deleted deleted
    4 Responses Feb 15, 2016

    We could be heroes, If we just tried.

    Putting on the red capes, The black stockings, And the mask. We could be heroes, Safe the world. Smil, And get an applause. We could be heroes, But we choose not to. Cuz we don't want the responsibilities. Don't want people relying on us. We could be heroes...
    TheMadHatterWasHere TheMadHatterWasHere
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 25, 2016

    I guess if I let it sink in,

    how alone I am, I would get depressed I don’t know the feeling of not being lonely alienated being might as well be in space no life forms will come near for their carbon is my air floating with no purpose stuck out there never to return completely isolated completely...
    Smileydork Smileydork
    16-17, F
    Apr 16, 2016

    kiss with eyes closed the moment is ours kiss

    with eyes closed see only our world kiss with eyes closed two into one kiss with eyes closed love and belong Kiss
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    1 Response Mar 3, 2016

    Song about writing a song Yesterday was

    perfect Had a magic of it's own And everything around me Shone like polished stone The music that was in my heart Flowed down towards my hands And the keys responded gently With soft assorted tones Fragments of my history were layered sound on sound Thoughts that were...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Mar 26, 2016

    Lions only lie in the shade.

    Insane minds are meant to slay.
Sane ones are meant to be caged. Even when we've lost our humanity.
Our morals never go away. History shapes and the ripples form into title waves.
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Feb 15, 2016

    The Strawberry Girl She brings a bowl of

    strawberries fresh from picking red bright smiling inviting she sits down with me chooses very carefully before we take a bite hands play kiss love deep and moving out of sight forbidden fruit to my lips red fresh sweet breath you in slowly bite slowly taste the...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Mar 3, 2016

    If All We Had Was This....

    If all we had were memories, …of the quite times in each other’s arms. Feeling calm, lifted, warm and floating, …would you know I was thinking of you? If all we had were feelings, ...tilting our heads forward to brush cheeks. Feeling like two melting into one, …would you...
    RandDannesk RandDannesk
    46-50, M
    1 Response Dec 15, 2012

    I went to a party. Not knowing it would change

    my life. I was too trusting. Unable to stop it! Crying praying! Someone rescue me!!! No one came. I was broken. Real friends, family save me from myself. The dark thoughts, blame, shame melt away only to visit me again. Reminding myself I'm alive, God loves me, my friends...
    Sweetgirl4u2 Sweetgirl4u2
    36-40, F
    Dec 12, 2015

    A Rose

    A red rose Beauty wilted No longer glows Winter comes jilted
    startingpointguard33 startingpointguard33
    26-30, M
    1 Response Jan 22, 2013

    Sad, life can throw you off course,

    life can run you sad 
I'm trying to understand how desperately I try hard to be successful like Oprah Winfrey 
Back to the future four, you and I are meant to be and the past seems super sad 
But my future's pass, my past probably fell apart the moment I found you 
    deleted deleted
    Mar 5, 2016

    Tis the nights eternal darkness breaks,

    as existence and space its self is shattered by the light of the past; ones opinions of beauty fragile as the thought of eternal dark and finite light, opinions shaped through pain as if the scars of broken glass; eyes troubled by sleepless nights, knows the darkness as it is...
    Idkwhattoputtbh Idkwhattoputtbh
    18-21, M
    Apr 14, 2016

    Syrup was the gas I need to accelerate through

    the job Sweet as satans lips when he trying to get in em draws Fresh like the Everglades Since a child I've been forever saved Hooking on to the Christ like chains to the necks of the newer slaves Come children drink with me From a fountain filled with youthful tears Youthful...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 17, 2016

    The sunset is now just a daring orange flare

    beyond the treeline. I drive along a back road, 100 miles down the massive levee from home, in the ancient floodplains of the river I eyed as a child. I find the dirt road where I know (or at least the maps have said) at the end sits nothing but uncharted woods and muddy...
    Madrina81 Madrina81
    31-35, F
    Feb 10, 2016

    a snake in my garden

    which I wouldn't call Eden reap the land which was pure now all but. you dig into unfertile soil searching for what? your garden produced three saplings all yours. why toil away at my soils. you plow into the top layer year by year I see you grow uninterested. as you...
    deleted deleted
    Mar 29, 2016

    Song about writing a song Yesterday was

    perfect Had a magic of it's own And everything around me Shone like polished stone The music that was in my heart Flowed down towards my hands And the keys responded gently With soft assorted tones Fragments of my history were layered sound on sound Thoughts that were...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    1 Response Mar 2, 2016

    For 8 Years Or So...

    I've written many many poems. Since I was 8-9 I've loved writing them but of course they've changed through time and matured. Poems is one of my best way to express my feelings or my ideas of a story or something.  
    Rawa Rawa
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 25, 2008

    Destination What can I do

    when the colors Turn to grey How can you be blinded by the hurtful things you say. You don't see things as you should Let the imagination run way off track Wonder if I sm coming or going Or when you will be back So hard to understand Why do you push so hard! Got to see the...
    aradia11 aradia11
    56-60, F
    Oct 5, 2015

    Saying the words Come to me,

    don't say the words We do not need to speak We know each other, hold each other Do not need to speak My arms around you say the words Intent in each caress Fingers ripple through your hair Feel words' impassioned kiss I take you when I want to I do not need a word, to give...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Feb 26, 2016

    Joined She joins me Hardly a ripple Leaning

    back Her skin on my skin Leaning into me Quiet words Face by face Relaxed Soft long hair damp by small waves Arms round you Together Joined
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Feb 23, 2016


    Can’t stay Can’t go Can’t let anyone know Stuck here Out of air Almost drowning in despair Hopeless Useless Hiding away in the darkness Broken Beyond repair Longing for some fresh air Why must I always fall Just another brick in the wall Sad eyes Broken heart Always has to...
    Alissa77 Alissa77
    31-35, F
    4 Responses Feb 25, 2013

    LOVE ~ JOY ~ PEACE for 2013 !

    I wish you LOVE for 2 - 0 - 1 - 3 True love the kind we all want it to be If we  keep open heart (and eye) Love will never pass us by I wish you LOVE for 2 - 0 - 1 - 3 !I wish you JOY in  2 - 0 - 1 - 3  Happiness & Joy to you from me If we are happy every day joy will help us...
    deleted deleted
    7 Responses Jan 3, 2013

    The Little Wave A Childrens Story

    Once the North wind made love with the seaand a tiny little wave soon came to beFather Wind would guide him as he grewHis Mother was the sea he traveled throughand as they brought him closer to the shoreeach day he would grow a little moreand safe within the arms of Mother SeaHe...
    puck61 puck61
    51-55, M
    9 Responses Jan 11, 2011

    With an infantile willingness I'm embraced my

    fate, my death Coz an act of love and kindness always bring pain without depth
    ThePoeticPrince ThePoeticPrince
    18-21, M
    3 Responses Nov 12, 2015

    I Never Usually Do This But I Am By Random

    once found now bored feel like losing myself again to drive into forgetfulness back to thoughts, feelings, where i did'nt really care I am now borded, i feel like coming back to a memory i would like to loose myself again
    MsIndependant MsIndependant
    18-21, F
    7 Responses Jan 11, 2008

    I imagine a future where I die Tears will

    cry I will live after life After death is peace
    deleted deleted
    Mar 15, 2016

    Never Wake Up Sometimes I feel that

    if I never woke up, things would be alright Sometimes I feel that if I never woke up, I would have to put up one less fight I feel like everyone would be better off, who would even notice Who would even notice that someone like me disappeared The girl who was always weird...
    Smileydork Smileydork
    16-17, F
    1 Response Apr 15, 2016

    The heart The heart is a wild thing The ribs

    a bone prison Not easily tamed The mind has a sense of reality The heart is led by passion Yet the heart and brain depend on one another They both keep us humans alive Without them we'd surely be nothing Not passionate Not logical Not alive Passion and reality A deadly...
    Smileydork Smileydork
    16-17, F
    Apr 9, 2016

    My Heart Was Ripped Away From Me

    I wrote this when I was 17. I wasn't in the best of states. I had been cutting a week. But soon after I wrote this I got over my life and pulled my-self back together. The wind combs my hair, the silk of the breeze so smooth. The sparkles in the night sky, they shine so bright...
    StephanieManoso StephanieManoso
    31-35, F
    6 Responses Dec 4, 2011

    Like This One...

    Unsatisfied Longing I have this wanting in my heart and confusion in my mind. The words I’ve left unspoken haunt me all the time. There are nights I wake crying when I wish that you were near. To hold me in your arms and kiss away this tear. Right now my heart is deep...
    fungirlmmm fungirlmmm
    46-50, F
    16 Responses Aug 3, 2008

    SUMMER Summer doesn't make my nose cold.

    It never makes me get up in the Middle of the night to stoke the stove. Summer never bosses me around When I want to go outside. No yelling at me to put on a coat or gloves. Summer just doesn't care. Summer welcomes me to walk and Dance in the moonlight. Summer is a poet...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Oct 12, 2015

    Little white kitten Run hurry go Little white

    kitten Has no place to call home Little white kitten Don't go back If you do you'll get burnt that's a fact Little white kitten Run hurry go
    deleted deleted
    Apr 1, 2016

    The Spring Poems 1 blossom tree

    snow in springtime falling on your hair fleck of sunlight sparks the bridle nothing can compare riding high fill the senses breath the scented air 2 the wooden bench creaked we sat, watching spring flowers while we too were growing my arm slipped around...
    silenttomorrows silenttomorrows
    56-60, M
    Feb 27, 2016

    Too Late

    You were there for me so many times in my darkest days. But when you had your hill to climb I slumbered in a haze. Had I awakened to your need, Brought a smile to your lips, You would have known my love for you Your tension from you slips.   And so you...
    WyattDuFuque WyattDuFuque
    66-70, M
    1 Response Nov 3, 2012


    I flash back and see A memory... Of a girl crying in a corner, wishing they didn't scorn her. Breaking down inside, looking for a place to hide. Of a girl always looking down, averting shameful eyes from their frown. She's all alone, without a home...? Of a girl filled with...
    britze321 britze321
    18-21, F
    1 Response Feb 15, 2012

    I T' S ~ R A I N I N G ~ L O V E !

    IT'S RAINING LOVE ~ Yes Love is all aroundIt's raining Love ~ every sight and every soundFeel the Love fall sweetly to the groundI love it when it's raining Love !It's raining Love ~ it's there for all to seeIt's raining Love ~ it's there for you and meLove is the essence of this...
    deleted deleted
    1 Response Jan 17, 2013

    Dont tell me you dont love me When i see it in

    your eyes Dont tell me you dont love me When your my whole world Dont tell me you dont love me When you are the breath i breath Dont tell me you dont love me It will make me bleed Dont tell me you dont love me The pain is unbearable Dont tell me you dont love me Cuz then i cant...
    shellbell6721 shellbell6721
    18-21, F
    1 Response Mar 12, 2016

    I’m trying to write in the heat of the moment

    so I can sum up what I feel in simple English. You hurt me. So much. But I love you and I have since the moment you walked into my life two summers ago. You are two souls residing in one body. A gentle, calming soul, with words that spill out of your mouth and off of your...
    gravity1 gravity1
    22-25, F
    Mar 7, 2016

    Poem I Wrote

    My life is on Edges... My love seems on Hold.... My heart black as night... With a Soul filled with Gold. -Written by: ChessHottie
    ChessHottie ChessHottie
    22-25, F
    2 Responses Nov 1, 2013

    Silent Anger

    i stare at the sky. i just want to fly. why am i here? while the end is near. i hear a scream. am i in a dream? my dear old friend, dead in the end, leaving me alone behind, while i am blind. all of my kin burned for their sin. i fall and hopelessly lay there appeared a ray. i...
    me2you2me me2you2me
    22-25, M
    6 Responses Jan 9, 2013

    First Poem

    so i wrote this poem long back ! just sharing with you all : with lakhs of people travelling and thousands of passing by i found myself in the midst just gazing at the sky for i need to choose which road to travel by making decision was not so hard previously but this time it...
    darkknight3 darkknight3
    22-25, M
    4 Responses Jul 27, 2012

    I have been writing poems (if they can be

    called poems) only on digital devices. The moment when I try to copy my touching poem in my own handwriting as requested. Oh my! why it is so difficult and emotional all over again? Smh...
    whyacinth whyacinth
    36-40, F
    1 Response Mar 19, 2016

    My morning poem: Coffee,

    coffee, coffee coffee. Coffee, shut up, coffee.
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Oct 17, 2015

    The sun scolds my eyes

    as I gaze up at the cotton like clouds. As I lay in the green grass, I begin to wonder. What is happiness? Is it contentment? Is it a balance? Am I happy? I'm not so sure if I am. But even if I were, would I be able to tell? Are happy people even aware that they're happy...
    bananalaffytaffy bananalaffytaffy
    16-17, F
    1 Response Oct 20, 2015

    Somewhere… There is someone perfect

    for me A flame my heart will see Beyond time and space Not a fleeting from grace Somehow… Even if distance is a reason A powerful love will overcome And find his way into my waiting arms Someway… Forever will not be too long Time will make it grow… …more strong it...
    xTenderHeartx xTenderHeartx
    41-45, F
    Oct 19, 2015

    "I would have held your shaking hands,

    our hearts pumping and swollen with electric love, precious breath moving through parted lips. I would have kissed you in that burning room, muggy with smoke and one-night abandon. I would have loved you intensely, our souls embracing in the warmth of the city lights. I would...
    rebeccacee rebeccacee
    26-30, F
    3 Responses Jul 20, 2015
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