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    Meditations On Love

    I wrote this about a woman I once fell for. I had moved in with my brother, and was delivered for a brief period in my life from the devils of solitude and idleness. She was a mixed race girl who had come out of a rehab program trying to find balance in her life. She was...
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    Nov 18, 2013


    My thoughts transfer to my hands and thus are typed on a page, feelings, emotions, plans, ideas, sometimes written fast and crazy other times slow and thoughtful. My writings tell a story of days past bye, dreams to be discovered, pains in the heart, and laughter in the soul. I...
    fourtysomething fourtysomething
    41-45, F
    1 Response Jan 5, 2011

    My Discovery On Ep.

    I was told by many of my friends to write my life stories. One of my friend actually wants to write my book. But unfortunately he passed away suddenly. When i stumble accidently on EP 16 months ago. i was delighted.I have not been to the library since then. Writing became my...
    unshakable unshakable
    61-65, F
    10 Responses Mar 12, 2011

    Healing The Heartache...

    To those of us who should know better than to swallow the line....Will we ever learn? 
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    1 Response Feb 18, 2012

    Healing Motives

    I was told today that writing about my personal experiences, emotions and struggles, when they involve friends or family members is wrong, that I'm exposing their mistakes and flaws online to the public, that I'm 'airing dirty laundry', even though I never use names and don't...
    rollingwithhusky rollingwithhusky
    46-50, F
    1 Response Dec 30, 2011

    Just For Me.

    I deal with depression and a few other thing's and at any given time my mind and thought's can be going in a dozen direction's at one time. Or maybe it is one thing that is just serving to feed my anger or bring me into a dark valley so I gat on here and write. It put's my mind...
    Robert1256 Robert1256
    51-55, M
    Dec 10, 2010


    I have kept a journal since I was 9, and I have a bout 30 so far! I write to heal, to get past my issues. EP has helped greatly too.
    SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
    36-40, F
    2 Responses Mar 19, 2011

    Free Fallin

    With each key stroke I become a little more honest, a little more free... So often I look at people only to see how much they really do not know me. Often in the reflections of others I see how much I do not know myself. The me that I am is not the me that is projected hence...
    RockinRoxanneRussianRoulette RockinRoxanneRussianRoulette
    31-35, F
    1 Response Feb 21, 2011

    Help! I've Fallen And I Can't Get Up!

    Suddenly I feel the rug pulled from under me. Everything I've thought I was is gone and there's only a woman left who is just growing old, who is at others beck and call, and never could really live, no matter how hard I tried! At least I gave it a shot.
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    2 Responses Jun 14, 2012

    I Am So Lazy!

    I finally went grocery shopping, ONLY because I had to do a photo shoot in the next town anyway (we have no grocery here). I bought all kinds of meat ON SALE, immediately broke down these family sized packages into individual servings for ONE. Just took the 4lbs of ground CHUCK...
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    1 Response Dec 28, 2011

    I only ever write when my emotions are too much

    to contain. They flow out the ends of my fingers onto the page with a burning urge to escape before I explode. Occasionally in my life, I have written from happiness or because I have felt inspired by a prompt. More often, however, it has been from anger or sadness or...
    OnceThereWasAGirl OnceThereWasAGirl
    22-25, F
    Nov 7, 2014

    My Rant

    Im so tired of asking ex anything. He always passes it off to his gf to respond. She has given me a headache as at 3 am she answers my email to him with a text from her. I just answered her reply of no (of course they cannot help me out with daughters car) that while I...
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    May 29, 2012
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