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I Wtk Crossdressers What Is Your Favorite Fantasy

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    I guess my fantasy is pretty similar to othersI wake up in the morning and wife is already up. She tells me to go take a shower and make sure I shave my face, chest and private area. When I go into our bedroom, she is there with stuff laid out on our bed.She picks up a pair of...
    happilymarriedguy happilymarriedguy
    51-55, M
    1 Response Apr 15, 2012

    Being A **** Star And A *****

    I'd love it if a dominant alpha male would turn me into a tgirl **** star. He'd make me get breast implants so I will be a busty sissy ***. He'll also be my manager, and will make me do hardcore things like gang bangs, bukkake, and bdsm. It would be so hot for everyone to see...
    sissynikkicd sissynikkicd
    41-45, M
    Sep 19, 2013

    Prison *****

    I fantasize about how I would survive a stay in prison. Since I'm a wimp, I would have to become a ***** for a stronger man. He will be a powerful man who can get ahold of the things I need to be his sex slave, like lingerie and makeup. I'll share a cell with him, where he...
    sissynikkicd sissynikkicd
    41-45, M
    Sep 19, 2013

    Men!! :D

    my dream is to be megan fox, or some other hot girl, and walk down the street in a cute red dress. i walk by some hot construction men that woot and whistle at me <3 i blush and walk over where they begin to grope me all over! i get really horny and take off my dress. they all...
    crossdresser256 crossdresser256
    22-25, M
    2 Responses Mar 31, 2013

    Wake Up To Be Real

    My favorite fantasy is to wake up one day and find out that my life as a man was just a bad dream. Reality would be that my wife was really my lesbion lover and soulmate. Ahhhh, A gurl can dream!!!
    TaraCDgirl TaraCDgirl
    41-45, M
    3 Responses Jan 19, 2010

    My Other Life

    My fantasy is to have a complete womens wardrobe,and my own apartment.One day,as I'm getting into an outfit,the landlord comes walking in thinking I'm not home.He sees me standing there in thongs and thigh highs.I've also got on a teddie which I wore to bed.He stands there for a...
    jwpalerider jwpalerider
    41-45, M
    Oct 23, 2012

    I wear a bra and panties 24 /7.

    When I go shopping and try on clothes in the dressing room, I always look at myself in the full length mirror. Sometimes I have to use the large changing room. It would be so thrilling if a sales clerk would help me find something in women's clothes and bring it to me in the...
    jaquicrdr jaquicrdr
    56-60, M
    1 Response Dec 25, 2014

    The Misses Accepts Me Part 2

    We sat chatting for a while about local events when the conversation stalled and we became quiet in our own thoughts. I broke the silence and asked Jim how it was he came to meet my wife Sally.  Jim explained that they met at a bible study class and he was attracted to her...
    phyllisranger phyllisranger
    66-70, T
    1 Response May 22, 2013

    My Favorite CD Fantasy

    As is the case with so many gurls like me, I often fantasize about being in the throes of passion with a handsome man. Fortunately for me, I've been able to fulfill this fantasy on multiple occasions. I can honestly say that I can't think of many things better than being treated...
    deleted deleted
    2 Responses Jun 7, 2013


    It involves two strong black guys finding me dressed all sexy. Then they would both just have their way with me and just make me suck both of their hard *****. Then one would bend me over a table and **** my *** while I suck the others **** untill they both *** allover me and...
    der12333 der12333
    36-40, M
    1 Response Dec 7, 2009

    I have two, the first is

    that I am the play thing of M/F couple where the woman is fed up of her husbands desires for A#!l sex. I take her place that way and she helps me with being a woman, clothes makeup , mannerisms the lot. I also please her with my tongue. After some time they insist that I am...
    paula3198 paula3198
    46-50, F
    2 Responses Feb 6, 2015


    Would love to have my wife join me with crossdressing and help me choose some clothes out.
    der12333 der12333
    36-40, M
    Aug 27, 2009

    There Are Many

    It would be difficult for me to single out a favorite crossdressing fantasy. My fantasies evolve over time. If you had asked me about my favorite fantasy 10 years ago, 5 years ago, last year and now...I would probably have 4 different favs. Even right now, depending on the...
    BizSuitStacy BizSuitStacy
    56-60, T
    3 Responses Nov 15, 2012

    Oh, Well, Romantic

    I feel in a different wavelenght from others who have recently replied. My favorite fantasy involves love, passionate love. I would like to be married again to the same wonderful person I am married now, but this time I would have the wedding gown... And then that night... I feel...
    Cigysub Cigysub
    56-60, M
    1 Response Sep 16, 2010

    Wifes Gift To Me

    In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, my wife expressed that she wanted a special day. She said I was to get her nothing for it, but that she had it all planned out. The day before, I came home from work to a wrapped box with a red bow and a note that said she was at the...
    pantiescouple pantiescouple
    1 Response Jul 20, 2010

    My Fantasy

    would be to get all dressed uyp and go for a drink in my local pub, and have no-one recognise me.
    manda1 manda1
    56-60, M
    3 Responses Nov 14, 2010

    Should Be Simple Fantasies

    I have simple fantasies. It wold be an ideal world... Just a little example from that. After I woke up, I go to my wardrobe and select a perfect female clothes, which is match my mood, express my feelings. It can be a pants, skirt or a dress, depend from the season, temperature...
    VivienXX VivienXX
    26-30, T
    1 Response Nov 9, 2010

    Loving Wife

     I would love to have my wife accept my cross dressing.  We would snuggle together in front of the fire sipping wine, caressing and exploring each other; gently teasing and becoming excited.  She would stand, take my hand and walk me to the...
    prettydar prettydar
    3 Responses May 23, 2009

    My Fantasy

    Mine is pretty simple... I would love going on a date with my wife dressed as a woman, or just to spend a weekend with her alone (shipping our daughter to a friends) dressed as a female, just so she can see how beautiful I can become (I look identical to my sister) and how sexy I...
    garterbeltgirl19 garterbeltgirl19
    36-40, M
    2 Responses Feb 6, 2012

    My Fantasy

    My fantasy is to be on a date dressed in a black cocktail dress stockings and high heels. My date picks me up in a limo takes me for a nice dinner and tells me we are going to a party. We flirt all threw dinner. After dinner we get back in the limo we continue to...
    pntylvr2003 pntylvr2003
    41-45, T
    7 Responses Nov 15, 2010

    The Misses Finally Accepts Me

    For a long time the misses accepted my crossdressing but was not happy about it. It came to the point where I had my own room so I could change into my negligee's at night and have my closet full of women's clothes with an additional womens dresser for my under garments.Sex...
    phyllisranger phyllisranger
    66-70, T
    2 Responses May 18, 2013

    Seems Different And Simpler Than Many Here.

    Does that mean it is more likely to really happen? After all, I don't feel that i was born in the wrong body or that I want to change into a woman. I just want to dress up and role play as if I was one.What I imagine is a date (as Rayanne) with a man--even if it is just to his...
    RayanneA RayanneA
    56-60, M
    1 Response Apr 29, 2012

    Just A Movie Night, Every Night

    I want to meet a bi man who has an interest in crossdresser and is a nice gentle man. Id like to have him move in with me and treat me as if I were his girlfriend. Every night and weekend I would get all dressed up in either something really sexy or something really comfy and...
    WetJess69 WetJess69
    22-25, M
    Oct 8, 2012

    Blackmailed By Co Worker

       hi ....... as you know,  I love dressing in women's lingerie and clothing and I am dressed as I write this.... right now  I have on black nylon stockings, you know the ones I like with the back seams?  I love the way the dark seams travel up my leg.       I...
    TiaXdresser TiaXdresser
    51-55, T
    9 Responses Jan 26, 2012
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