I Wtk If Your Friends Would Notice You Missing

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    Think They Do...

    I'm the people's "person"...always around, giving cheer, helping each other out, etc... so when I feel lost and want to stay "alone", it's not easy 4 everyone to handle and understand..
    mistyeyedlass mistyeyedlass
    18-21, F
    3 Responses Apr 11, 2009

    I Really Wonder...

     ... I don't know. Quite honestly, I doubt it. No one ever notices me. I'm just not important enough to most of the people my age. But I know all the older people, like my teachers n whatnot, they would notice. It kind of saddens me though. When other people are...
    BrownEyedMystery BrownEyedMystery
    May 7, 2009

    Hmmm I Wonder How Long?

    it would take for my friends to notice me missing. I know I have wonderful friends on here who notice me missing right away.  Ahem, Lily and Markie How long would that take though? A week? A few days? One day? What about you? How long would you have to be missing...
    WinterMountain WinterMountain
    36-40, F
    21 Responses Apr 8, 2009

    You Missing

    You missing,I wonder,Would your friends even notice,Let's find out,You're coming with me.
    lazycrazybasket lazycrazybasket
    46-50, M
    Jan 11, 2012

    They'd Fake Being Sad.

    Complete with the tears and the 'I tried to stop her' but all this would be after someone informed them of my death or absence. And then they would wait a few day, maybe a week before they'd start gossiping how much better the school is without me. I bet even my teachers would be...
    bladesilverred bladesilverred
    18-21, F
    Sep 28, 2011

    I'Ve Been Missing

    I've been missing and this is day 419...
    Noology19 Noology19
    1 Response May 26, 2013

    HMMM No

    probably not becuase i spend most my time in a van down by the river on EP eating government cheese and smoking government weed....... so my EP friends would notice.  
    sacredvision sacredvision
    18-21, F
    2 Responses Apr 9, 2009
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