I Wtk What Superstitions You Grew Up With

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    There Was A Superstition For Everything In Our Family

    My grandmother and her sisters grew up during the Depression in rural Massachusetts. They lived on a farm, isolated from the rest of the world. They were very serious about the following: Don't exit a house from a different door than the one you came in through. A hat on a...
    moonwatcher321 moonwatcher321
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    Anti-jinx Superstition...

    "knock on wood" my mother, father, grandmother, cousins, everyone, would follow this. My family never had the best of luck, and we always said how it could be worse...(and it usually happened) so we'd knock on wood, everytime, even if it was fake wood...lol
    pleasegivemeasmile21 pleasegivemeasmile21
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    - If you point at a star,

    you will get a blemish at the tip of your finger. - If you eat oranges at night you will die - If you put a sweater backwards you'll get a gift - If you drop something more than once, someone is trying to talk to you - If eat plums at night you are going to die - If you eat...
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    What Does It Mean When...

    my mother had issues when I was young and couldn't really raise me.  The woman that raised me (and is till consider her to be my mother for it) is Jamaican.   Anyways I was thinking about it today what kind of superstitions did other people grow up with because...
    sacredvision sacredvision
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    Bloody Mary???

    Well,my friends in second grade told me u say bloody marywhen the lights are out,she will come and rip yourspine out  or she will claw you in half..........my other friend told me in fourth grade......so i was so scared to go anywhere withlights out...........i got over it in...
    Peachie66 Peachie66
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