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Halloween Is The Best Ever!

So in my world, it is almost Halloween! I like to celebrate the whole week before Halloween and then keep having it be Halloween until after Guy Fawkes Day. Last year I wore a witch hat the whole month of October, several times in inappropriate public places. I also watched Sleepy Hollow and Hocus Pocus at least 5 times each and some other REALLY terrible $5 movie bin movies!

I also discovered how many flavors of candy corn exist. Magical.

And I had THREE Halloween costumes and was in a Haunted House that the co-op I lived in put on as a fundraiser. I got killed by my vampire roomie. We actually spent a while scrubbing demonic looking symbols off the floor with nail polish remover after that because we weren't very careful...

And I made a coffin out of cardboard from the recycle and some duct tape.

I am really excited that it is almost Halloween again! I am really looking forward to my first trip to the Halloween USA store! YAY HALLOWEEN! :-)

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