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Didn't Know What Was Going On

I was a child and I was either seven or eight years old. I was sleeping in my parents room because I wasn't feeling well and dad got a phone call.

My father is a paramedic. I remember my dad getting ready for work with me still trying to get to sleep. I heard him say something but I'm not sure what he was doing. I understood enough to picture a big pile of rubble but I thought it was an earthquake or something. I thought maybe he was recovering people who were dead, cleaning up or doing something to help out. I was confused.

When I heard about 9/11 later on I figured it out. It still baffles me why a paramedic from Toronto would be called to work in the aftermath of something that happened in the states but it's come up in family conversations a couple of timesĀ and nobody has contradicted me. My mother said that dad was called down or was placed "on-call" so that he needed to be ready to be called down at any time.

I was just a child and I really don't have all the facts straight but I do remember the confusion in my parents' bedroom. I really think that was related to the tragedy in New York.

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