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Sometimes we give too much of ourselves in a relationship. It causes us to fall apart when it's not returned. Sometimes your partner only gives so much which is, insufficient and often times unfair to your heart. The relationship starts to blee... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 15th
Dwell on things that bother us? I need to try and stop.... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 15th
I don't know how many years I've been on this website, but it definitely seems too long. ... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 16th
It's midnight and the world is silent. There's not a sound for miles around. We snuggle together here on the beach and listen to the tide as it moves up and down. As we look into each other’s eyes, I hope that somehow you can see all of the love I'... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 15th
 I've noticed that your voice has taken a tone that I'm not familiar with,..it saddens me a bit and worries me a bit too, everytime I hear it, I wish I could give you a hug, maybe make you smile.  ... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 16th
i was more interesting.  maybe people would approach me more... i'm a pretty lonely person.  i have to admit there are steps i could take to better my situation so i shouldn't complain... still hurts a little though, either way...... [More]
By EchoesInTwistedMeadows on September 16th
I think about you and I think about the things I said which were heartfelt and rosy before... and now I say eeew.... [More]
By EruIluvatar on September 16th
I keep my phone next to me 24 hours a day. the only thing I don't to do with my phone is shower.i even crap with my phone. lol . I guess I need to get a hobby.... [More]
By fathairyguy on September 16th
I think all men who objectify women consistently as a way of thinking, are creepy and annoying. I know guys can kid around when they are with their with their “pak” but most of them don’t actually THINK they are objects to have or... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 16th
My family is like a really bad sitcom sometimes. I swear.... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 15th
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