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If I had cared about myself I would've never allowed you anywhere near me if I had cared about myself.... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
I don't know much but I know I love you and that may be all there is to know.  Sweet dreams...  ... [More]
By an anonymous user on September 1st
People always talk about how selfish a person is for killing themselves. I feel for the person who killed themselves. Obviously they were miserable if they killed themselves.... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
but sometimes, just sometimes, when people tell you what they are, that is exactly what they are.  One is best to be skeptical but still open to possibilities.  Perhaps go beyond sciences such as psychology, and listen to your gut feeling as irrati... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
We all survived another stress-filled day! At least mine was.... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
- is not about the flashy car you drive - the expensive home you own - the expensive schools you bring your children to - the profession you have chosen - the jewels you possess - the expensive designer label clothes... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
This sucks, why did I let myself care? God why didn't I see it for what it was. I knew I shouldn't have allowed last night to happen. I already knew after last week. So why did I think last night would be any different or that today would be? You qui... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
When i cry...which isn't very often, my face puffs out and i look like iv gained a stone! I can sometimes get upto 3 whole bags under each eye if its bad enough! Once i cried and yearned so frickin much i literally thought my head was going to explod... [More]
By SingingHeartsNow on August 31st
So I've been receiving the silent treatment from a someone, but I don't know why. I know how it originally started and I was not any part of it. Person A went to have a procedure done. Person B and I were under the assumption it was a consultation. P... [More]
By an anonymous user on August 31st
Someone decides they "love" you, then comes the expectations. Blah!!!!! I'll never fall in love again or give in to someone else's insecurities ever. And before I knew better I did the same suite myself. Yuck!... [More]
By CelestralCreature on August 31st
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