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I Have a Confession

I have put on a few pounds since I have been out of work. [more]
violetivy2007 has shared 109 Mature Experiences
  • I Love Sex

    Toy Okay this is for the ladies. Obviously the group speaks for it self. I would like some input on what would be the first toy to go buy and help with my sexual fustration. I have never *********** bef… [more]
  • I A Little About Me

    Survivor I figured if anyone wanted to get to know what kind of person i am u can read my story. I grew up in not just one area with my family. Started out in Detroit Michigan and ended up at 17 in Linc… [more]
  • I Battle Bi-polar Disorder

    The Battle Is Neverending First of all my name is Melanie and I have been dealing with this disorder since i was 17yrs old. I am 35yrs old. I have been on medication since then but it seems to only help so much. I live each… [more]
  • I Like to Flirt

    I Admit It I have always been known as a flirt. Just because I compliment a co worker or customer on something it has been considered flirting by others. I have to say with the mechanics I work with u te… [more]