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I Really, Really Need a Hug

When Confusion Settles In I've been having a lot of thoughts lately about my life and how its basically going on whereive never really had a relationship and any guy that comes my way i manage to drive him away with an... [more]
  • I Am Attracted to Intelligent Guys

    Guy At Uni I always thought brains before beauty and Im always attracted to smart and intelligent guysI just love the way they  talk about their passions or something that they know very wellthere i… [more]
  • I Love the Beach

    I Miss The Beach Ive been in London for over 7 years and I miss the beach so muchlast time I remember was in Nigeria on a hot summer day, its was amazing there was horse riding and we even took a boat rid… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    one of those days
    I'm at a place right now where i don't know if i'm coming or goingmy life feels like a episodes of anger, sadness and regretsmy moods changes quickly and i try to be happy and positive but i must confess its harder than i thoughtI'm 23 and graduate, I have a degree in business upper class and still cant get a job, not because there is no job but because I don't have the right status to work and my family and i have been trying to raise the money but its more difficult than we thoughtI'm not proud of it but i cant tell you how many times I have thought of committing suicide, some days are good but some are so bad that death seem like such a sweet remedyI'm afraid, I feel broken and so angry t… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    a year older
    im going to be 22 in feburary and I keep thinking about what ive done with my life apart from going to university which by this summer is going to be over there seems to be nothing else I cant seem to find my place and I keep asking myself that there has to be more to life that what I currently living I want to travel and see the world, I want to go out with my friends and just enjoy life but I cant really do that because for some reason I never seem to make friends with people who like to go out or maybe that dont invite me. I dont think Im a bad person and I always try and put other peoples feelings before mine but right know if reached a cross road and I feel like in order to meet that "… [more]
  • Offtopic Confessions

    to do list
    ok, I know it might sound sad but I made a word document on all the things I want to do in the new year.. I find myself constantly battling with myself and not knowing where to turn and all I need is a little direction the holidays are always hard for me cos it means I have nothing to do and well my family i don't think I want to go into details I am unhappy and find myself always asking if this is all there is to life I made the list to up lift myself and keep track and control myself I know there are circumstances I cant change but at least I can make the most of what I have I just hope I don't disappointment myself and not achieve anything on my list… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I wish
    I wish I was more outspoken I had alot of firends dont feel shy or excluded from my friends and family I wish that I could change my current situation I wish I had a way of making my mum feel better I wish that people would love me for the way I am I wish that Im able to be a first in my degree I wish that I wanted angry with my father all the day I wish that I could change the past and not be a painful memory of my father's betrayal to my step-mum I wish I knew how to make new friends I wish I had money and I job to buy the latest clothes and shoes I wish I could really dress like a girl and apply make up properly I wish that I little sisters would respect me more I wish that I had a boyf… [more]