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I Have a Confession

i am so powerful. i can shut you down and make you sob within minutes you filthy ****  [more]
Toukos has shared 56 Mature Experiences
  • I Love Cosplay

    Best Sebastian Michaelis Cosplay ≪3 Seriously. This is like, one of the best cosplays evar. He looks like Sebastian in… [more]
  • I Watch "Doctor Who"

    The Twelfth Doctor … [more]
  • I Am Gay

    The First Person I Came Out To First off, this friend had found me on a website that I had wanted to keep separate from my irl life. I had stated by sexuality there in a few posts. In front of everyone while we were eating at a res… [more]
  • I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over

    Der Konig Der Dunkelheit By D song is magical, poetic in many senses. I enjoy listening to it, over and over. The vocals and instrumentals are amazing.… [more]