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I Moved Away From Thunderbay

I Moved Away From Thunder Bay I was born in a city in Ontario  called  Thunderbay From  Thunder Bay I moved away And it was not to the Usa It was Timmins, Kirkland Lake,  and New Liskerd Many bad things... [more]
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  • I Remember My First Crossdressing Experience

    First Crossdressing Experience It was a dare to wear a bra to school (I was 13) I wore a bra to school under my shirt. The guy that dared me said thought he'd chicken out. Someone else said he must be gay. When I was 15 … [more]
  • I Have Hairless Legs

    I Have Hairless Legs. I don't know why but my legs are almost completely without hair. I don't have to worry about hair on my legs. But have been teased because my legs were without hair when wearing shorts. Some didn't … [more]
  • I Got Spanked As a Kid

    I Got Spanked As A Kid My Dad would spank me every time I cried. So I stopped crying when he was around. I got angry instead and just threw things around.… [more]
  • I Wear Dentures

    I Wear Dentures I wear dentures. The tops fit fine but the bottoms don't fit right. Still dentures are better than no teeth.… [more]