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I Love Learning

I Really Do I love reading, watching or listening to anything informative, I love knowing and learning thing's, I can sit for hours watching documentaries or reading books or surfing the Internet lol it's good to... [more]
tasharyan has shared 11 Mature Experiences
  • I Know Demons Are Real

    My Sisters Apartment I haven't wrote this story until now as its something we all want to forget but since iv got onto the topic with someone here's my sister got an apartment in harehills I went to go visit he… [more]
  • I Use Feminization Hypnosis

    Relaxing Methods So as a way to open the mind's eye they say to relax wich i have trouble with so i listened to a relax hypnosis and as I was breathing in and out I was seeing thing's mainly in black and white, thing'… [more]
  • I Believe In Ghosts

    Weird Mist It was June 2009 and I was just coming out of a bad spell in my life for the past few months I had depression, I was on my own reading a magazine and I started to feel very tired it was 10 o'clock at … [more]
  • I Had An Out of Body Experience

    Last Night Last night I was having really weird dreams then I had a dream a ghost was running across the bottom of my bed so I sat up and told it to ******* pack it in, the ghost then grabbed me by the throat n … [more]