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I Hate How I Look In Pictures

Shame On Me! One of the most important days in my daughter's life.... her wedding day! She looked so beautiful. The dress she wanted, that I truly couldn't afford. Those crazy red sneakers she insisted on wearing... [more]
  • I Perform Random Acts Of Kindness

    Standing In The Checkout Line Many years ago, I began unloading the cart behind me at the checkout lane, while we wait. Most people really appreciate it. Some don't! Often I am thanked for "helping" other times they reply: I… [more]
  • I Talk to Myself

    Too Much! I have to say, I talk to myself more often than not; Sometimes to debate an issue or to remind myself of something but I really wish I would shut up. There is rarely a silent moment. I am practi… [more]
  • I Value Comfortable Silence

    It's 3a.m. What Is That Strange Noise Or Shall I Say Silence! The tv or radio typically goes on right after the coffee pot and off when the sleep timer turns it off. I rarely experience quiet, silence serenity. Amazing how waking at 3am became a blessing n… [more]