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I Had A Dream

I literally clawed off my bro-in-law's face because he stole my candy, lied about it, and then laughed at me when I found out that it was him. Let's just say that after I shared my dream with him, he... [more]
  • I Experienced Racism

    It's Gonna End OK. What is it with America's violence? Why does everyone feel the need to kill? The past is the past. Yes there has been injustice towards African American people but that was so long ago. When are p… [more]
  • I Am Anorexic

    In Need Of A Buddy I've been trying to fight the urge for the past two years but the only word that has been floating through the back of my mind is fat. I can't fight it any more. I refuse to. What I need right now is … [more]
  • I Love Chuck Norris Jokes

    Love This! Chuck Norris doesn't do push ups. He pushes the ground down. Chuck Norris round house kicked the Earth once... and it hasn't stopped spinning since. MY ULTIMATE FAVORITE:… [more]
  • I Fast

    The Daniel Fast Hi guys!!! I'm a 15 year old (previously Baptist) and now Presbyterian girl. I am planning on starting the Daniel Fast soon. I am trying to decide whether I want to do it beginning in December or for … [more]