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I Am A Member Of The Avalik Wolf Pack

Pack Meeting! 7-17-13 I will message all pack members, you are expected to show up, and if you don't, you must have an explainable reason. I'll message you all by tomorrow with the details and URL of the meeting. [more]
AdarSparty17 has shared 48 Mature Experiences
  • I Want to Know Your Most Embarrassing Moment On a Date

    Oh This Could Be A Fun Story (sarcasm) Alright so my most embarrassed moment on a date was my first one, imagine that. I went to a movie theater and we was watching a movie, she jumped and when she jumped she then spilled soda all over my … [more]
  • I Am A Real Werewolf

    Depression I've noticed depression here lately in this group, I have 3 words to say to everyone; GET OVER IT Everyone has problems. What makes you think your depression is any better? … [more]
  • I Love These Lyrics

    Ohne Dich- Rammstein I also feel like I can relate to this song so **** off if you don't like it. Lyrics ©2004 Rammstein. Ich werde in die Tannen gehen Dahin wo ich sie zuletzt ges… [more]
  • I Respect All Packs

    Packs Most packs that are together for the past few months are pretty strong or they are going down hill. I have to respect all of my family members which is all wolves. I care for everything that is alive,… [more]