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A Fresh Start for the New Year

In her book "Loving Yourself," therapist and writer Daphne Rose Kingma discusses how bad energy, objects, and attitudes "fill your life with junk, not joy." By making a space of clarity for youself, you invite good to come into your life. Here's how ...

How Dealing With Negative Feelings Can Bring Joy

Use negative feelings to grow and transform and to give meaning to your vulnerability and loss. By M.J. Ryan November 2014. inShare. Add to My MSN. Running away from pain and negative feelings robs you of the opportunity to learn from them and to ...

What Her Tells Us About Intimacy

As Daphne Kingma Rose explains in The Future of Love, the romantic relationship, whether it lasts or not, provides us with the opportunity to advance our developmental agenda. Our relationships can be stepping stones, or stairs to growth. Samantha ...

HH's Hump Day NFL Pick'em - Week 11

That seemed to put the rumors to rest until Daphne Rose Kingma's best selling self-help book "Coming Apart" was spotted in his locker. Then, that was compounded later when he was seen driving off from the team parking lot with Fifth Harmony's hit ...

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