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Why is it absolutely necessary for certain people to pick and poke around at other people lives? Where do individuals get off believing they have the right to determine somebody else's path of life? Why does anybody care what goes on in my life? Nobody else is living my life, besides me; and not a single soul has to live my life, except for me. Therefore, I believe we have the right to choose our own direction ~ How can so many be incredibly naive? ~ How does one feel as if they have the ability to control a life other than their own? How does one expect to grow as a soul, if their concentration is upon what others may think, or say, or do in reaction to their actions? Then we are trapped..We cannot let anybody's judgement affect our view of ourselves. We must realize that we, as one, are important; and we, as one, need to live our lives to the fullest, in whichever way each individual one of us desires ~ because not a single other being's opinion should change our vision of our life ~
EccentricTree EccentricTree 18-21 4 Answers Mar 25, 2014 in Doing Good

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That's people for you sticking their noses in where it doesn't concern them making snap judgements when 9 times out of 10 they are totally wrong, but all they are concerned about is keeping you under the microscope to pick you apart, People will always have an opinion most of those come from where the sun doesn't shine ignore them.

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you're very right; we all come here to learn soul lessons, nobody has the right to judge us, because we come here with a soul plan and a life plan unique to us, and none of our experiences are random, they're individual to what we need; so, whether we serve good purposes or good and bad purposes, we chose that to grow, to teach; it can't be either right or wrong, but what we NEED. People see us as humans, and yes in life we are shielded by a face and body; but we are TRUE spiritual beings, that's who we REALLY are. God makes it very clear He is the judge and no other judgment stands before Him.

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