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“Ah, here he comes!” said The Professor, “Now we will see what he can do with that brain AND that body!”. The Nerdifornicator only had one thing on his mind – Lovelichops and the infinite pleasure of creting her last breath with his new thunder-thighs, and so he was biding his time. Let them think he was just sort of a helpless little pip squeak – he'd show them soon – as soon as he got upright and set about his mission! Lovelichops' demise would make a great example to them all of exactly who The Great Leader was around here! All bow to The Great Nerdifornicator! Thunderously he rose from the slab, shaking off the chains like cotton wisps, and reaching out his new legs to the floor! “Look – he rises – my creation rises”, cried The Professor! The Nerdifornicator fixed him with a baleful eye and began to steadily and inexorably advance towards The Professor, to shove him out of the way to Lovelichops. The Professor began to sense something wrong – something terribly w
trollhunter4 trollhunter4 22-25, M Apr 14, 2014 in Hobbies

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