“Good! Good! I'm glad you're happy with that, and the extra staffing won't be a problem, because it makes the next part a little easier for me. Your funding for The Nerd is being cut, and that means your power supply is also being cut – right about...NOW! Sorry about that – call you later about the new facility!” The Professor fell back from the now dead telephone in dismay, his life's work in ruins at his feet. Back in his capsule...The Nerd sensed a growing coldness, darkness, and a feeling of numbness creeping up his twisted, shrunken legs and body. He started to thrash about, breaking his waste tubes, filling the capsule with a murky brown sludge that threatened to choke the life out of him. He struggled and fitted, and then grew ominously silent and still..............
KRUDmediaBooks KRUDmediaBooks 18-21, M Apr 23 in Community

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