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TerminaHero TerminaHero 18-21 5 Answers Aug 8, 2012 in Movies & TV

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Slow motion in action movies makes everything look better :D

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Very good point. Anime is very economical when it comes to fr<x>ame use - it uses many less fr<x>ames in fast paces sequences in comparison to say, old Disney - hence the use of lots of fast-paced scenes. I suppose when they do do slow motion scenes, they have to animate at more fps (fr<x>ames per second) to actually show this - if they were actually slowing down the usual footage it would be at a lot lower fps and look much less smooth. <br />
(I hope that doesn't sound like a load of crap)

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Eeeh sometimes... but it it's too slow it just gets annoying. Or if it happens too often. But when it comes to swordplay/fighting- definitely.

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