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Maybe they realised that things should go in order like days being smaller than months should come first and then months being smaller than years but larger than days should be in the middle and that finally years being bigger than both should come at the end.

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I don't think this is a UK.USA difference, when written this way - if written 10/05/12 (UK) or 05/10/12 (USA) it is of course.

The difference in "10th May" and "May 10" is a purely personal thing ; I have always used the first formulation since it ties in with the English way of expressing a drtae numerically (10/05/12) and also sinve, when the year is included, it differentiates the numerical portions of the date (May 10 2012 is nore likely to be mis-read)

No idea why a Texan post office should be different to any other in the USA - I would have thought that the UPS would have a national standrad.

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Just had a rumage round and found a letter from Phoenix, Arizona and their franking machines are the same...

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