I couldn't get a doctor in my area. I am 11 weeks and 17.So my ex helped me buysome pills online. I don't have any money or anyway to parent. If I went to term I'd just have to put it up for adoption. Anyway I took the pill. And now I'm just wondering what to expect becausenothing's happened. I just feel light cramps. What do I do? What should % expect?
notwhattoexpect1 notwhattoexpect1 16-17, F 10 Answers Jan 23, 2011

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omg i had no idea they even made something like that an abortion pill that you can buy online??? wtf is that? ?? I have heard of the day after pill....

, hunnie you can not just abort a baby and walk away like nothing happened you have to go to a doctor or at least a mid wife... You can get really sick and die. Go to a doctor.

Please get an adults help right now.... !!!! It may be embarrassing it may **** people off, but it will be better for you in the long run to go get help right this second.

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The morning after pill does nothing to a already developed and attached embryo. You need to visit a doctor IMMEDIATELY.

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I think it was mifeprex. I think.

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I am 40y. 11 weeks pragnant and taken two tabs each of Misoprostol 200mcg last two days...should i continue? pls advice me.

Best Answer so sad.....I'm really sorry.....if possible, why not give birth to the baby...i mean. let her/him live T_T

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ready for lot more BS........u r almost 3 months of pregnant......u r just 17.....u shld not have taken those pills.........god bless u !!!!!!!!!!

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