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Whilst debating that smokers should be confined to their own homes and not allowed to step outside, then why should those who drink alcohol be allowed to drink outside? On the premise that alcohol abuse is more rife than ever, then shouldn't the same rule apply as those who wish smoking to be kept inside the home? Should children be subjected to thinking that drinking alcohol is 'acceptable' and something they can see outside Public Houses as a recreation? Should children be allowed to sit outside whilst their parents drink alcohol?If you didn't see Question 1 of 2, then perhaps you might like to see the relevance. Edit] E.P. willl not let me insert a Link to Question 1; sorry
knightwhispers knightwhispers 56-60, M 6 Answers Oct 18, 2010

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there should definitely be the same ban on ads for alcohol and it should be stigmatised just as much as smoking. <br />
I have yet to see/hear a case where someone who smoked one too many marlboroughs went home to beat up his wife and kids. Just saying. Living in london one sees just too much alcohol-related aggression to accept that stigma on smoking which is NOT applied to alcohol. <br />
<br />
I am a practically tee-total (averaging 2 drinks a month) smoker.

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i don't know if i'd prefer alcoholics to be trapped in the house with their kids or turned loose on the rest of society.<br />
I'd prefer people just stopped drinking alcohol altogether and hit a bong instead.

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maybe if they actually educated kids properly about their own bodies and minds in the first place then they might have a point

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