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pulse ox starts out at 97 but can go to 84 in less than a hundred feet. Do duo neb treatments 4 times a day. To percussion and drainage. Quite tight in area where ribs removed. I am an RN, but specialized in Psych. I do not have experience that can guide me through recovery. I understand it can take a year. OK. But what can I do to increase my odds of full recovery? Had great surgeon, and this all occured 2 weeks after carpel tunnel surgery where my husband was told I had aspirated, classic course. I thought everything was fine until I woke up thinking I pulled a muscle...and my breathing ability plummetted until I was 74-84% on pulse ox. I have hx of asthma 40 years, but had been under control for the last 20, as I worked hard at keeping it that way. But this is so totally different. I feel like a novice. Am walking, coughing up those wonderful little mucous plugs we all love so much, trying to do aerobics, but it is slow going. hw long and what should I be doing??
Natalia5152 Natalia5152 56-60, F 1 Answer Feb 7, 2010

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