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1. You're not completely, easy, trusting, comfortable and content in this person's presence.

2. You are marrying for financial reasons; they change in life so quickly and then you're stuck.

3. You are asking this question.

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money , freedom , stressfreelife

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1. You haven't found the right partner.

2. Deep down in your heart you simply don't want to.

3. You're trying to find reason not to.

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Hope, it's a single mans game. Hope she cooked she didn't, hope for a blow job she won't, hope to hang out you can't!

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I'll just give you one good reason: if you are already looking for reasons not to marry. Then don't.

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1. He is going to want to have kids to early.

2. He might be 2 short.

3. He might be a B*tch

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Why are people so obsessed with relationships? And by that I obviously mean romantic relationships because obviously everyone needs some connection with others. You don't need justifications for not getting married because it is no longer compulsory. If you don't have compelling reasons to get married, then DON'T. The divorce rate these days proves that if you don't think it through the outcome will be very poor anyway. And marriage isn't for anyone anyway. Even if I eventually meet someone I may never get married because I see no purpose in it - it seems like a load of hyped up, overly traditional, crap, especially if you don't intend to have children. So really think it through and do what you really want, not what's expected.

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you can live your own life your way

won't have to put up with a female doggin' you all the time

& not having kids means there's more for everyone else......TOO MANY people on the planet anyhow.........right? RIGHT????

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There's literally no point in marriage now a days.

Women think that if it goes sour, they get half of the males belongings. That attitude fails marriages from the start.

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1) You are looking for reasons not to marry.

2) You are asking complete strangers for help to get reasons not to marry.

3) And you want not just one reason, but three. A backup is not a bad idea, but a backup to a backup. Well,...that's obsessive.


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The meaning and purpose of marriage is the biological union that creates children and joins two families in blood. The only reason to marry is because you want to create children and a family together. Love, whatever that is, has little or nothing to do with it.

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67% of them fail.

Divorce is expensive.

You have to give up your freedom.

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1) you're not in love

2) you're not ready for that kind of serious commitment yet

3) you're still determining what you want, and need

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I hate B & Q, It's expensive, and a divorce is the usual conclusion...

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1 more person to please

more responsibility


But honestly, I think marriage is a great thing , no I am not married but the idea of having a friend forever and ever seems pretty amazing.

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