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MY CALLS ARE GOING IN VOICE MAIL BOX..shall i consider he is done done with me? he used to say, i would strive for you till my last breath!.. Is this a test or something? i decided to wait, observe for even months? But surrounded by fears, like he has met an accident or mishap, or got a new gf? or not willing to do hardwork. He was a fighters sorts? Or may be i am living in illusion? what should i do?
Evangeline1985 Evangeline1985 26-30 4 Answers Sep 17, 2013 in Community

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That's tricky. It could be anything but 4 days is a long time to be completely out of touch. If you don't know anyone else who knows him too, then all you can do is wait. (Not sure if this is true for your case, but saying big words are quite meaningless fighter he may have been initially, but that sometimes could be a challenge to win you over. Sad but happens to too many people. )

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why waste time with games?

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I would cease contact. now.

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